Latest Updates on John Cena and Sheamus' Recovery from Injury for Sept. 9

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 9, 2013


Sheamus is taking the Dwight Howard approach to recovery while John Cena is evoking Kobe Bryant's intensity.

Both WWE Superstars are handling being out of action in their own way. Sheamus is seemingly soaking up his free time and making the most of being freed from WWE's grueling schedule. Cena, on the other hand, is the dog pulling on the leash, unable to think of anything but getting back to what he does best.

Where are the two former WWE champs on their roads back from injury? When can we expect to see them in action again?

Let's start with Cena who is raring to get in the ring.



To follow Cena's timeline on Twitter is to know Cena's frustration. After undergoing surgery to repair his gnarly elbow, Cena has been busy sharing every step of his recovery.

He thought he'd have his stitches out by Sept. 3, but had to wait a few extra days. His response to the news sounded like a mantra designed to keep him calm.

Once the doctors had removed his stitches, Cena was quick to share the scar they left behind.

Keeping himself calm seems to be a running theme for him these days.

Aggravated by the slow pace that healing takes, Cena has combated those negative emotions by staying busy with his physical therapy and projecting positivity. Some of his tweets sound like they have been ripped out of a self-help book.

He's clearly focused on getting back to work, so much so that he told Michael Cole and John "Bradshaw" Layfield that he’s been too busy rehabbing to keep up with what's happening in the NFL.

WWE is likely as anxious as Cena is for him to be back in his fighting cargo shorts. The company recently cancelled two shows in Spain, per, which is believed to be at least partially because of Cena's absence.



Sheamus' fans aren't getting the same amount of graphic photos as Cena's fans are getting used to. The Celtic Warrior did share images of the surgery for his torn labrum, but has since turned his attention to enjoying his time off.

Sheamus was one of the hardest working wrestlers in the company, competing in intense matches at an impressive rate.

We're now seeing that the jokester side of him that had been increasingly been shown on TV is who he truly is. The updates he's shared are mostly of how much fun he's been having.

Touring his homeland, Sheamus shared shots of himself posing with his "Milltown Malbay granny."

This next shot is notable because it shows Sheamus minus his sling.

After a number of looks at Sheamus with his wounded wing wrapped up, we now see him here with his arm crossed, no sling in sight.

There's no word in the tweet about his recovery progress. Instead, like most of what he shares on the social media site, Sheamus is joking around. Enjoying his time away from the ring is wise because it won't be long before he's clubbing foes and getting slammed around the ring once again.


Rumored Return Date

Barring setbacks or superhuman rehab sessions, fans can expect both men back in January.

As reported by the Figure Four Weekly Newsletter (subscription required), "The plan right now is for both Cena and Sheamus (torn labrum in his shoulder) to return for the Royal Rumble." 

Two big names coming back at the same time will amp up the excitement for that event. Cena and Sheamus are the last two men to win the event and will be favorites this time around as well.

The Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton storyline will likely be over by then and whoever comes out on top of that rivalry with the WWE Championship is going to have to fend off both Sheamus and Cena.

Those two Superstars' destination appears to be the same, a return at the 2013 Rumble, but their journey there will be poles apart.

Cena will be gritting through the process, agitated that he doesn't heal as fast as Wolverine while Sheamus enjoys the ride with his trademark smile glued to his face.