NBA 2K14: What to Expect from My Career Mode

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 9, 2013

image from 2K sports
image from 2K sports

Per senior game designer Mike Wang, the My Career/My Player mode is the most-played option of the NBA 2K series year after year. Wang spoke with Andy Hartup of Games Radar and dropped some knowledge about the popular mode.

In previous seasons, there were instances where teammates would hurt your My Player's performance because of odd decisions. Wang said: 

So a lot of the changes I’ve been making are based on how to make the gameplay smarter. Especially in offense. If you kick it to a guy and he’s a good shooter and he’s wide open, you want him earn you an assist. You’re always thinking about your stats, right? So they’re a lot better at recognizing opportunities in general. So My Player is more fun to play as a point guard this year.

Playing as a point guard is great, but I like to make my mark in the post on defense and offense. The My Player I created in NBA 2K13 was a 6'6" point guard who liked to take smaller guards in the post.

After watching the gameplay in the live stream, it is clear the post game has received some needed attention. With more responsive collision detection close to the basket, it should be even more fun controlling big men as My Player creations.

Actually drawing fouls with a skilled big man looks to be a real possibility.

What about defense?

Defense is definitely back in a major way. In the live stream, it appeared that stopping ball-handlers was more realistic; as was the shot-blocking. If you aspire to create a big man as your My Player, you'll be able to make him a factor as a shot-blocker and rebounder.

This was difficult in past versions.

"It’s much better when you’re playing as a big guy too," Wang said of the potential impact of a big man in My Player. "You can rebound the ball and block shots as a specialist defender—like a Serge Ibaka character—much more easily. You can have fun doing that, something we felt was really lacking until 2K14."

What we don't know yet about My Career is some of the little things.

Will gamers have more hairstyles to choose from? Last year the create-a-player suite was somewhat limited. It would be nice to have the freedom to add more diversity to your player. Changing the voice of your My Player is also something that would add more individuality.

These changes or enhancements may have to wait for the next-gen version, but more information should become available in the next few weeks.

NBA 2K14 releases Oct. 1 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. The next-gen version will be released as a launch title for the Xbox One Nov. 22 and PS4 Nov. 15.


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