Projecting When Cody Rhodes Will Return to WWE Programming

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 9, 2013

Cody Rhodes (from
Cody Rhodes (from

Per the storyline on last Monday's Raw, Cody Rhodes was fired following his loss to WWE champion Randy Orton after evil authority figure Triple H inserted a “Win-or-fired” stipulation into the match before.

Things took an interesting twist on Saturday when Dustin “Goldust” Runnels, announced that he would be appearing on tonight's Raw to face off against Orton in a bid to get his beloved brother his job back.

Of course, this is mainly an angle to explain Rhodes' time off—as Wrestling Inc mentions, the star is getting married this week and is going on his honeymoon. (Safe to say, Goldust will probably come up short in his attempts to help his brother.)

However, it's not be certain that Rhodes will be back after a few weeks.

For one thing, WWE may want to sell the stipulation and keep the third-generation star off of television for longer—maybe even two or three months.

Considering the diminished credibility of WWE stipulations, this might be the wisest course of action.

Oh, Rhodes will be back eventually. Everyone knows it. But why not help get this storyline over and keep him off television for a decent amount of time?

WWE truly has something special in this “firing” angle. After a lacklustre singles run, Rhodes is finally coming off like a star and people are finding him sympathetic. It may be the first time in years that fans have been emotionally invested in his character.

It's also served to make Triple H even more hated than he was before and demonstrate to the WWE Universe just how powerful and ruthless the corporation is.

The message is clear: If a long-term roster member like Rhodes can go, anyone can.

But all that may evaporate if Rhodes shows up in two weeks and gets his job back. In that case, the Rhodes' saga will become just another disposable wrestling angle. No better, no worse.

Can Cody Rhodes be a major singles star in WWE? Who knows? A couple of weeks ago—when Rhodes was struggling greatly to get his new babyface character over—his chances seemed bleak.

Generally, he has struggled to remain relevant since Legacy split two years ago. You know things are bad when your moustache ends up being more over than you are.

Thanks to this angle, though, he may have a genuine shot at main event stardom. Let’s hope WWE doesn’t squander it by bringing him back too soon.