5 Superstars Who Would Make Great Additions to the New Corporate Stable

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 9, 2013

5 Superstars Who Would Make Great Additions to the New Corporate Stable

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    As WWE's new corporate stable goes from strength-to-strength, it seems likely that it will pick up an extra member or two in the future.

    Not only would adding to its numbers greatly consolidate the corporation's power, it would also give some aimless wrestlers on the roster something to do.

    So, in order of importance and impact, let's have a look at the top five candidates to join the group in the upcoming months.

5. Aksana

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    OK, so former body-builder Aksana isn't the best wrestler in WWE—which is putting it mildly as anyone who has seen her disastrous matches with Kaitlyn will know—but she does have a great TV look and a decent amount of heel charisma.

    Alas, the company has struggled greatly over the last couple of years to find a role for the Lithuanian beauty, which is a shame because she could likely be an asset in the right role.

    So what about adding her to the corporation as a valet-meets-evil secretary? This is certainly a role that would play to her strengths.

4. Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett's career has been struggling greatly over the past year—just when was the last time he was on Raw, anyway? Introducing him as the corporation's new muscle may not get him back in the main event scene, but it would give him a featured, long-term role and a reason to be on-screen again.

    Why not try it? Hey, it's not like the company is doing anything else with the former Nexus leader. It's worth a shot.

3. Cody Rhodes

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    OK, so in the current storylines, Rhodes has been victimized—and fired—by the corporation. It is assumed that Rhodes will feud with the group whenever he returns.

    But what if the third-generation star shocks the world and aligns with Triple H and Randy Orton? It would make sense in the storylines: Rhodes could say he was only allowed to comeback if he threw his entire support behind the corporation’s new regime. Besides, he’s always been better as a heel anyway.

2. Alberto Del Rio

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    If the corporation wants to ensure that it has all the meaningful titles in the company, they may what to make sure they have the World Heavyweight champion Alberto Del Rio on board.

    It makes total sense. He is a heel, and thanks to his snobbish demeanor and expensive suits, is a natural fit with Triple H and friends.

    Besides, as a solo act, Del Rio is rather dismal. At least putting him in the group will help disguise some of his flaws.

1. Damien Sandow

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    Money in the Bank winner Damien Sandow seems a natural fit for the new corporate group. He's a rising star, has a title shot in his future and he has been very vocally supportive of Triple H and his new regime.

    So why not give the wrestler a higher profile and let him join the group?

    Interacting with main event stars like Randy Orton and Triple will no doubt let the 32-year-old learn and gain the experience he'll need when he gets the World Heavyweight Championship at some point in the next year.