NBA Stars Show Off NFL Pride on the Sidelines During Week 1 of 2013-14 Season

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NBA Stars Show Off NFL Pride on the Sidelines During Week 1 of 2013-14 Season

NBA superstars know how to make the most of their free time.

Most of us attempt to pass the months between the NBA Finals and training camp by indulging in other hobbies, like joining the fight against Ben Affleck being cast as Batman. The Association's studs combat the offseason a little differently.

While you spent the NFL's opening weekend snacking on pizza rolls and sipping flat beer on your couch, the NBA's stars were at the games, all-access passes in hand.

Take LeBron James, who, according to Clint Stoerner of, helped Hulk Hogan conduct a preseason physical on Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones:

Participating in that kind of medical evaluation isn't what I meant by "all-access," but to each their own.

In between administering questionable medical exams, LeBron found time to pose with Jones, proving once again he's too cool to smile:

Via LeBron James' Instagram.

Nice hat, LeBron. Creepy looking beard, though. Neither the head swag nor the facial forest changes the fact that Jones' hairline is still more prominent than yours.

Standing on the sidelines while taking in the Indianapolis Colts victory over the Oakland Raiders, Paul George was also too cool for anything more than a half-smile. He was not, however, too cool for some totally gnarly finger-pointing:

Via Paul George's Instagram.

Cowabunga, dudes. 

Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Gordon, Lance Thomas and Tyreke Evans had no such qualms about grinning in public at the New Orleans Saints-Atlanta Falcons game:

Once the New Orleans Pelicans studs stepped on the field there was simply no containing their enthusiasm:

Aminu looks more confused than he does excited, but we'll take it.

We'll also take Jim Harbaugh's reaction to making a cameo on James Harden's Instagram. He was spotted at the San Francisco 49ers season opener beaming from ear to ear (not yelling uncontrollably) next to Harden's beard:

Via James Harden's Instagram.

If you look closely, you'll see that Harden himself was there, too.

And thank God he was. Otherwise, his beard would've given this sideline interview, captured by FOX Sports' Chris Biderman, on its own:

Via James Harden's Instagram.

Hopefully, Harden's on-field festivities didn't force him to miss his flight, or else he might not make it in time for the Washington Redskins kickoff against the Philadelphia Eagles:

Gif via

To be clear, yes I'm implying DeAngelo Hall is just the clean-shaven alter ego of the bearded wonder.

Harden and his jungle weren't the only NBA staples on hand to watch the Niners take down the Green Bay Packers, though. The Golden State Warriors' Carl Landry and Harrison Barnes were there as well.

Thanks to CSN's Mindi Bach, we now know Barnes prefers humans over cushions when searching for an armrest:

Via Mindi Bach's Instagram.

I told you NBA players know how to stave off boredom.

Now back to your couch. Your rubbery pizza rolls are getting cold.

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