Dog Scores Back-Post Header, Because No Rule Says Dogs Cannot Play Soccer

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Monday mornings: still the worst.

There’s no easy way to get the work week rolling, but perhaps I can help you kick this thing off right.

While I cannot de-wrinkle your clothes or help salvage your fantasy football team’s awful performance, what I can do is show you footage of a dog scoring a goal in the middle of a soccer match.

Indeed, a canine recently wandered onto the hardtop during a youth soccer match and wound up chalking up an awesome golazo. Video of the beautiful finish was spotted by Yahoo! Eurosport, and watching it is probably the best way to kick off your week.

The score is set up by No. 2, who dribbles into the box and delivers a low cross to Fido, who may or may not have been aware he was participating at the time. 

I like to think the dog knew full and well what was happening—the world is a more magical place if you do—and expertly directed the ball into the back of the net. 

Naturally, the dog celebrates the goal in style and takes a lap around the hardtop.

Is it frightened? Hardly. The dog practically prances over to the sideline as if to say, “Take me out, coach. My work here is done.” 

Image via quickmeme / @AllGoalsVideo1

Now, I know what you’re thinking—he was offside. Maybe a bit, but why split hairs? This pooch has touch, and better finishing moves than some millionaire talents, according to Yahoo! commenters. 

Screenshot via Yahoo! Eurosports


All Andy Carroll jokes aside, this dog is adorable and highly deserving of your respect and admiration. He’s like the Cristiano Ronaldo of canines, except he begs for bacon in lieu of begging for a transfer.

Bravo, Soccer Dog. Thanks for a great start to my week, and more importantly—for reminding the world that there’s no rule saying a dog cannot play soccer.


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