Colorado Rockies Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: The Daily Box Score May 15, 2009

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Colorado Rockies Vs. Pittsburgh Pirates: The Daily Box Score May 15, 2009
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This article is a game recap based solely on what the author has read in the game's box score. If you want to know what really happened, you can go watch SportsCenter and pray that you don't change the channel before they put on the 30 second segment of the game. One game per night selected at random, this is the Daily Box Score.

Colorado Rockies 3, Pittsburgh Pirates 1

Brad Hawpe had the decisive swing of the bat, as he hit a homer, with Ian Stewart on, in the top of the ninth against Pirates closer, Matt Capps, to put the Rockies up 2-1.

As if that wasn't enough Matt Murton got a pinch hit single scoring Ryan Spilborghs to put the game out of reach at 3-1.

"I got to give some props to my boy 'Hawpsey' for hitting that homer to put us up in a pressure situation," said Murton, "but where is all the praise for what I did? What if the new kid, Hudson or whatever his name is, gave up a run? Even though he didn't what if he did, we all know there is a lot of pressure on him..."

And what Murton said is right, Huston has been brought in to basically replace Matt Holliday.

"Holliday was a hero here," said Street who was sitting in a locker with both surrounding lockers empty, "and I am all they got left to remind them of him. The other two guys that got traded with me aren't in the majors yet, so all the things that Holliday did for the team I am expected did, and off the record, its total b.s."

"I mean look around, no one is even looking at me. I got the save, where is the respect. Look at Murton he did nothing, the guy think he won the game, and he got a couple of guys in here believing what he did was more important than what I did. I got the save! Since when is the save not important!"

And this is something common in locker rooms across the league where former Athletic's have been traded to.

"The Be The Beane system is all he knows," said teammate for the past two seasons, Alan Embree, who also got the win for pitching the ninth, "I have been around the league a while so not only do I get respect because I am veteran, but I understand the dynamics of different types of clubhouses. And I will tell you what, Billy builds something that is totally unique."

So not only has Street had to recover from the Be The Beane Brainwash, but also the pressure as the teams new savior has made it a rough start for the once heralded rookie phenom.

Street stuck out the side in order to earn his fifth save of the season and lower his season era to 4.11.

Street came to the conclusion that, "Really the only thing holding me back is me. Though if I had to blame something for my poor start it would definitely be the fact that we are a mile high, the balls just fly out of this park."

Game Notes: The other team the Rockies were playing was the Pittsburgh Pirates...Rockies starter Jorge De La Rosa struck out ten after seven strong innings that were surely his best in a while...Adam and Andy LaRoche both got a hit which is a rare occasion seeing as how their averages are .234 and .245, respectively...Paul Maholm pitched seven shutout innings and his team lost, his team being the Prates and all...

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