Bleacher Report Writers: A Heads-Up about Pictures in the Text Box

Jessica DAnalyst IMay 15, 2009

Hey Bleacher Report writers,

As a fellow writer and editing intern, I thought I'd share with you a thing I learned while tooling around here on the site.

When I first started editing, I was confused about why writers were putting pictures in the text box instead of in the "Article Photo" feature above the text box. I would patiently copy and save the picture sitting in the text box into my documents, then delete it, then upload it in the "Article Photo" section.

I realized that this is happening because some writers have a blog or website on RSS feed that is automatically transferring these articles onto the Bleacher Report site (and their personal sportswriting profile). Often, on a blog or Web site, an author of one will put a picture in the text body, because many blogs don't offer the "Article Photo" section.

So, the picture that was in the text box in the blog, which transferred over to Bleacher Report by RSS feed, puts the picture in the text box.

My suggestion as editors and authors is to just politely save the picture into your documents and upload it in the "Article Photo" section above the text field. Of course, we all wish we didn't have to do this, but technology cannot always be perfect. We aren't used to having to do any work.

If I can help any of you at all with this or another editing question, please let me know.

Have a great week!