If the Minnesota Vikings Don't Sign Brett Favre, They Owe Their Fans an Apology

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMay 15, 2009

The Minnesota Vikings had better be working hard on signing Brett Favre, and they better do so sooner rather than later. Signing Brett Favre is a move that has been long overdue. The Vikings are lucky their fans have tolerated their nonsense this long.

They have a team that includes one of the best, if not the best, running backs in the league in Adrian Peterson. They drafted a first-round playmaker in Percy Harvin of Florida. Their defense is about as solid as you could hope (something I'm sure long-time Vikings fans appreciate more than others).

So what do the Vikings need?

How about a quarterback!

This time, Vikings, be smart. Don't place false hope on an unproven quarterback you think might be good enough, only to have him spoil everything for the team.

You can't run Adrian Peterson into the ground, and Percy Harvin is going to need someone to throw him the ball.

Enter Brett Favre.

This much is clear, Brett Favre wants to come back.

I honestly don't see the door opening up just for Favre to say, "I'm too hurt and would rather mow my lawn."

Something tells me Brett would love to stick it to the Packers one more time and do so on a team at least capable of letting him go out on a high note.

But all this pressure should not be on the shoulders of Brett Favre, it should be on the shoulders of the Minnesota Vikings.

They have spent three too many years neglecting the quarterback position. If I were a Vikings fan, I'd be insulted by the insinuation that Tarvaris Jackson is the man of the future.

If you can't draft a solid quarterback, how about picking up a guy still capable of playing at a high level? Wait another year and then make a move at a promising quarterback for the future.

Sorry, Sage Rosenfels is not your answer.

The Vikings have a lot of potential this season, but they are in a division in which every other team is getting better. If they desire to remain competitive, they need to take care of the team's most important position.

If a trade to acquire a quality quarterback is not an option, get the deal done with No. 4 and show your fans you are serious about making the Vikings a competitive team in 2009.