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I recently added two new links to my "favs" section. The first, www.celticscircuit.com, a comprehensive Celtics blog featuring breaking news, full game previews, re-caps, write ups, with reactions from players and coaches. A very interesting site with a similar style to this site. The blog is authored by Greg Payne.  

The nice thing about writing is that every author has their own unique style and Greg's and my style are certainly different but no less interesting.

The second site, also authored by Payne, really peaked my interest. The site, www.celticsstories.blogpost.com, is an emotional audio tour of Celtics history told by normal Bostonians. 

It is extremely interesting to hear how every day basketball fans viewed such varied topics as "Growing Up" - a section where Brian Wylie, Athletic Director of Endicott college, discusses how watching Larry Bird and Company battle it out with rivals Los Angeles and Detroit was a "family event" as his entire family would huddle around the TV on a Sunday afternoon.

Paul Sullivan discusses Johnny Most and his 40 year reign broadcasting Celtics basketball "live- high above coutside at the Boston Garden". He talks about the entertainment value of Johnny's broadcasts and how most kids went to sleep with their transistor radios to listen to Johnny's animated play by play.

Paul Sullivan also discusses John Havlicek, describing him as a marathon runner in constant motion, running thru screens and playing thru pain with a separated shoulder.

The two recounts of Dave Cowens by Paul Sullivan and Mike Grenier were my favorite. Both described him as undersized, emotional and (Garnett-like) crazy. Sullivan described Cowens as having a "passion for the purity of the game" (I love that phrase!), playing "100% all of the time". Sounds a lot like Garnett to me.

The best Cowen's story told by both Sullivan and Grenier was one of the few that I have never heard. A story of Cowens playing against the Houston Rockets and a notorious "flopper". The player took a charge that was an obvious "flop". This "incensed" Cowen who proceeded to run the player over, stand above him and proclaim to the referee "now thats a charge!". An NBA historian on ESPN could not have told those stories better then Sullivan and Grenier!

Classic stories told by the fans who witnessed them!

Growing up I listened to my relatives tell me of the great stories of Red Auerbach, Bill Russell, John Havlicek and their Boston Celtics Dynasty. The stories gave me the chills. Hearing these every day people on www.celticsstories.blogspot.com brought back those memories - and the chills! Thanks Greg!

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