WWE Night of Champions Preview

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2013

WWE Night of Champions is shaping up to be one of the deeper, emotionally-involved pay-per-views of 2013. Every match seems to have a backstory, from the drama between the Total Divas and AJ, to the ongoing saga between Daniel Bryan and The Corporation .

Ricardo Rodriguez still has that heel stench on him, and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to finally see turn on RVD, thus reuniting with Alberto Del Rio. It just hast to happen one of these days. Doesn’t it?

AJ Lee set the Divas division on fire with a white-hot promo. But all signs point to Brie Bella walking out of Night of Champions with the Divas Championship. E! Network officials probably have very little say, if any, in the creative decisions of WWE. However it is likely that they would pressure WWE into making the switch, which would give viewers extra-incentive to watch a major character capture the Divas Championship.  

This could also be the night where Damien Sandow cashes in his very pristine Money in the Bank Briefcase. Either way, one analyst thinks the chances of Alberto Del Rio walking out as World Heavyweight Champion are very slim.

All this and much more as Big Nasty and Justin LaBar predict Night of Champions!