The Case Against Jason Kidd: A Potential Disaster

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The Case Against Jason Kidd: A Potential Disaster
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When you look at the roster at the New York Knicks, there aren't many guys who have the talent that Jason Kidd does. He can score, pass, and handle a basketball team, but he is not the kind of guy that the Knicks should be looking for. He actually goes against the Donnie Walsh philosophy completely.

A lot has been made about how Chris Duhon started off the season in a blaze of glory and slowly faded out. Truthfully, as a basketball junkie, I wasn't surprised. The only other guy on the team, who is really capable of taking the ball up the court, is Nate Robinson, but he sometimes is out of control, and he is more of a shooting guard by trade.

Plus, he is a restricted free agent, along with another Knicks' fan favorite, David Lee.

While Donnie Walsh thinks about spending his money this off season, I think Jason Kidd will definitely cross his mind. But, I think a lot of people are overlooking what the Knicks need is more than an every minute point guard.

They need someone who can give Duhon a breather and give the Knicks the leadership that they truly need. Let's look at some candidates.

First, we have Stephon Marbury. Okay, that wasn't funny. Now let's move on.

Raymond Felton is a restricted free agent, but he would probably require big money and multiple years. He averaged 14 PPG and 6.7 APG. If the Knicks want to make him their point guard of the future, he could be a good option. But, I think they want to trust their Duhon investment.

One guy who might come a little bit cheaper is Indiana's Jarrett Jack, who may seem like more of a shooting guard, but he is capable of bringing the ball up the court. He may also be able to fill some of the void, if some team (Sacramento maybe?) blows Nate Robinson away with an offer.

Andre Miller is too old. Donnie Walsh shouldn't go near him with a ten-foot pole.

Other than that, there are a few more guys, but not many who I think that the Knicks would even consider. They may think that the best course of action is drafting someone to fill the void, but if Nate Robinson and/or David Lee out price the Knicks, they may have some more pressing needs to address.

Remember, it's all about the "Summer of 2010."

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