Ranking the 10 Nastiest Dunks in College Basketball from the Past Decade

C.J. Moore@@CJMooreBRCollege Basketball National Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2013

Ranking the 10 Nastiest Dunks in College Basketball from the Past Decade

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    The college kids today must have a lot of pent-up aggression. Maybe it's all that money the NCAA is making off of them. 

    You figure out how angry they are when you start looking for the best dunks of the last 10 years. Guys keep throwing down harder and harder as time goes by. 

    It's not easy to pick 10, so I apologize if (insert your favorite dunker on your favorite team) did not make it. Hundreds of dunks were in consideration. These 10 from the last 10 seasons either had more creativity or degree of difficulty than the rest.

    Enjoy the rim hate.

10. Alabama's Senario Hillman vs. Auburn (2008)

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    Poor Lucas Hargrove. The former Auburn forward gave chase to Senario Hillman, and he had made up his mind that Hillman was not going to get an easy bucket. 

    And then he got put on a poster. Solid effort though.

9. Cal State Fullerton's Gerard Anderson vs. Cal State Northridge (2010)

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    Cal State Northridge listed Vinnie McGhee at 5'11". Gerard Anderson took one look at McGhee and must have thought, "Yeah, I can jump over that."

    McGhee was all set up to take the charge and Anderson just floated right on over. 

8. Utah's Carlon Brown vs. Utah State (2008)

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    Carlon Brown, who would eventually transfer to Colorado, has several dunks in consideration. This contortion act is the best. 

    Not only does Brown shift his neck so he's looking sideways at the rim, he somehow twists his shoulders midair so he can get the ball to the basket. Pause at the 18-second mark to truly appreciate the difficulty of the dunk. That had to be a tough landing. 

7. Syracuse's Hakim Warrick vs. Notre Dame (2005)

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    It's easy to throw down off the run, but let's see any of these dunkers try to pump fake and then jump flat-footed with a defender between you and the basket. 

    Hakim Warrick's arms are ridiculously long—former KU guard Michael Lee can attest—and that helped Warrick pull off crazy dunks like this one. The other best dunk of his career doesn't qualify because it's not from the last 10 seasons, but it's worth a mention

6. Georgia Tech's Isma'il Muhammad Against NC State (2006)

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    Georgia Tech's Isma'il Muhammad was one of the best dunkers college basketball has ever seen. Muhammad had the combination of ups and power that every throwdown was highlight-worthy. 

    And this one was his best, as he went up-and-over Engin Atsur and then punished the rim. It's amazing Muhammad never threw out his shoulder.

5. Arkansas Pine-Bluff's Savalace Townsend vs. Grambling State (2012)

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    Pause this at the 8-second mark. Savalace Townsend took off a good 10 feet from the bucket, and he already has the ball cocked ready to throw down.

    Poor Townsend was set up to throw an embarrassing fastball at the rim, and then somehow he employs his Go-Go-Gadget arm to pull off one of the best facials you'll ever see. 

4. San Diego State's Jamaal Franklin vs. Fresno State (2013)

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    Imagine how angry San Diego State coach Steve Fisher would have been if Jamaal Franklin attempted to throw the ball to himself off the glass and failed. That's a good way to get your butt on the bench. 

    So the fact that Franklin had the guts to even try this dunk and pull it off is why it was fall-off-your-seat shockingly good. 

3. UCLA's Russell Westbrook Against Cal (2008)

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    Speaking of aggression... Yo Russell Westbrook, why are you always so angry? 

    No one, at his stature, hates on rims like Westbrook. No one on the planet has the kind of wheels and hops of Westbrook. He has plenty of dunks similar to this one in his NBA career. He was simply providing a preview back in 2008 against Cal. 

2. Miami's DeQuan Jones at North Carolina (2009)

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    Shame on the NCAA. Back in 2011-12, DeQuan Jones missed 10 games during the NCAA's Nevin Shapiro investigation. Jones took to Twitter recently to voice his displeasure after Johnny Manziel got his quick decision.  

    So why should we also be mad at the NCAA? Because they took Jones from us for 10 games. Think of what we might have missed. Jones' up-and-under dunk against UNC back in 2009 was ridiculous, and Johnny Football cannot give us anything that pretty. 

1. Oklahoma State's Markel Brown vs. Missouri (2012)

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    Markel Brown's alley-oop finish against Mizzou two years ago was so good the officials sat him down for the rest of the game. Get out of here, Markel. You can't top that. 

    OK, Brown actually got booted for taunting, but what did they expect? You throw down the dunk of the decade and you deserve to at least give a brief staredown.

    This dunk had everything you want: the facial, the power and, what set it apart from the rest, the one-handed catch. Brown didn't deserve to take a seat. He deserved to take a bow.