Madden 25: Projecting Roster Updates for Peyton Manning and Others After Opener

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 6, 2013

image from EA Madden NFL 25
image from EA Madden NFL 25

We shouldn't overreact to Peyton Manning's ridiculous video-game like performance, but can Eli's big brother get a 99 overall rating after that game? After all, Manning is already rated a 97 overall in the initial Madden NFL 25 ratings.

I think completing 27-of-42 passes for 462 yards, seven touchdowns with no interceptions is worth a two-point increase.

Obviously Manning isn't due any increase in any pure speed or agility categories, but his throw power is currently an 89. He made a couple of passes with a good amount of zip on them on Thursday.

Those throws could give him a 90 in throw power. Manning may even be due a boost in throw accuracy.

He already has a 95 in this category, but he completed 64 percent of his throws without an interception, and he threaded the needle on quite a few. 

Can I hear a 97?

Lastly, one of Manning's touchdown passes actually came on the run. Well...maybe it wasn't a full run, but he took two steps to his right with hurried purpose before he hit Wes Welker for a score. Manning's throw on the run rating is just 75 now, perhaps that strafe and throw is good for a point or two.

We'll see if Manning gets a boost, and if so, how much.

Here are other players who may be in line for a ratings increase.


Stock Up

Demaryius Thomas Did Big Things

Manning's most prolific target was fourth-year receiver Demaryius Thomas. He caught five passes for 161 yards and two touchdowns. He's currently rated a 90 overall, but after breaking off his 78-yard touchdown reception on a wide receiver screen pass, his acceleration could be bumped up a tad.

Thomas' acceleration rating is a 92 now, but a 93 would be understandable after this sprint. 


Shaun Phillips Made a Splash

One game doesn't make a player worthy of a monumental ratings boost, but Phillips may have earned a higher overall rating. He is sitting at a 75 currently, but after his 2.5-sack performance against the Ravens, the nine-year veteran opened some eyes.

Perhaps we should wait another week to see if Phillips is as disruptive against the N.Y. Giants in Week 2, but keep your eye on him while Von Miller serves his suspension.


Stock Down

Ed Dickson Showed Stone Hands

The Ravens tight end is rated a 77 overall which is about average, but his catch rating of 79 seems sure to drop. "Drop" being the operative word considering Dickson had four of them against the Broncos on Thursday, per Aaron Wilson of the Baltimore Sun.

Usually it would take a sustained period of the dropsies to warrant a decrease in this rating, but four seems pretty excessive.


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