Serie A: How Inter Milan Can Improve in 2013 Season

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Serie A: How Inter Milan Can Improve in 2013 Season
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The key to Inter Milan's success comes from their coach Walter Mazzarri

Inter do not have the high-powered squad that nerazzurri fans became accustomed to in years past, but there is quality there, and Mazzarri's counterattacking style could flourish with that talent. 

Luckily, we'll see just how well this system is capable of working as they take on Juventus this weekend.

Juve are a remarkable squad, plain and simple. The key for Inter is to be disciplined when Juve attack, and force the counter when they opportunity presents itself.

This is classic Mazzarri football. He did it with Napoli for years, and will do so with Inter as well. 

Diego Milito’s eminent return helps. Even though he's older, this squad seems a lot younger than it was last season. The oldest starter, so far, has been 33 years old. The youngest was 19 years old. Far different from what we saw week in and week out from this team last season.

That development this season is a bit peculiar, as Mazzarri tends to favor experience.

Regardless, the far more youthful starting XI will allow Mazzarri's style to flourish, but youth breeds other problems for a coach. I mentioned discipline earlier, and the key for these players is to be disciplined in their defending. Know your marks, stick with them, etc. 

Juve are so dangerous from set pieces, the nerazzurri must communicate in these instances, or else Juve will tear them to pieces. In addition to their set-piece defending, Inter must be wary of Juve's build up. They won't necessarily attack with speed, thought they can, they'll rely on slow build ups and send balls into the box. 

This is where the counterattack becomes possible. A good ball forward could create a speedy attack where Juve would find themselves outnumbered. This will be the key to Inter's success all season but especially against Juventus

Accepting Mazzarri's system is a quick fix, but adding more players in January is paramount as well. If the nerazzurri want to truly contend for the scudetto this season, they'll have to upgrade their starting XI from what they have now. 

What do you think Inter Milan must do to improve in 2013? Let me know in the comments below!

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