WWE Night of Champions 2013: Odds Each of AJ Lee's Challengers Wins Divas Title

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Three sets of hands will be tugging at AJ Lee's Divas Championship at Night of Champions.

Natalya, Naomi and Brie Bella take on the champ in a Fatal 4-Way match with revenge and gold on their minds. After AJ trashed those women in her oft-discussed promo, they are looking to make her pay. Who among these women from Total Divas has the best shot of dethroning AJ?

The answer doesn't necessarily lie in who is most talented, but which potential champion best promotes WWE's new reality show. WWE clearly seems focused on integrating Total Divas with Raw and SmackDown.

Not that most bookies will be taking bets on this match, but here are the odds that each challenger walks away champion.


Natalya: 7-1

Natalya is the only challenger to have forced AJ to tap out. As awkward as the ending of that mixed tag match on Aug. 12 was, it still gives Natalya kayfabe proof that she can beat the champ heading into Night of Champions.

She offers WWE the best mix of promoting Total Divas as champion and delivering quality matches.

The potential Natalya vs. AJ rematch at Battleground would be an improvement over AJ vs. Naomi and light years better than AJ vs. Brie. The trouble with betting on Natalya is that she is rarely booked to win these days.

She lost one-on-one to AJ in May and has since lost to Brie and AJ a number of times. She even got pinned on her birthday, so one can't be secure betting on Natalya come Sept. 15.


Naomi: 10-1

Naomi is the only one of AJ's foes that hasn't already won the Divas title and the company may not be sure about giving her that spot yet.

She's one of the more exciting in-ring performers in the division, but we've rarely seen her given a chance to work the microphone or be a separate entity from the Funkadactyls.

WWE fans just haven't been given enough time to get to know her as much as they know Brie, AJ or Natalya.

We know she looks mighty fine when entering the ring and that she has a number of unique tools in her toolbox, but fans who don't watch Total Divas don’t know much about her beyond that.

She may make that move to the top of the division, but it doesn't seem like it's the right time yet. Betting on Naomi at Night of Champions is betting on the long shot.


Brie Bella: 2-1

Natalya is the better wrestler, Naomi has the more enjoyable offense to watch, but Brie Bella's higher position on Total Divas will launch her to the top of the Divas division. Putting the belt on Brie is a move sure to frustrate some fans, but there's too good of a story here for that to get in WWE's way.

Brie and her sister have been the clear stars of the new reality show.

They get the most airtime on the show which they've spent being catty and showing us what life is like with their famous boyfriends. Brie capturing the Divas title is a big story to showcase on Total Divas and allows WWE to turn the division into a way to advertise the show.

Brie has already won the title, defeating Eve Torres in 2011.

Making her champ again puts an irritating heel back on top and sets the stage for her feud with the Funkadactyls to transfer from reality to show to WWE programming.

If AJ doesn't retain, the smart money is on Brie to walk out with the gold as much as that may disappoint those rooting for the better wrestlers in that bout.