Texas A&M President Flashes Johnny Manziel's 'Show Me the Money' Gesture

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterSeptember 6, 2013

This is R. Bowen Loftin, president of Texas A&M University. And yes, he is clowning you.

Loftin was recently rolling around College Station in a stretch golf cart when he stopped to take a candid shot. Naturally, the president threw up Johnny Manziel’s “show me the money” gesture for the camera.

Ty Duffy of The Big Lead spotted the image (via @dougigem).

It’s the same gesture Manziel has been using to celebrate touchdowns since he first started at quarterback for the Aggies in 2012, though it’s taken on a new meaning for some in light of the quarterback’s alleged autograph signing scandal.

Loftin is in high spirits, however—and why shouldn’t he be?

The NCAA investigation into his school’s star quarterback came up with scratch, his team won its first game of the season and the Aggies name remains lodged in the mouth of every media outlet from here to Saigon.

In other words, how could Loftin not be happy?

Texas A&M’s star quarterback is plastered on the front of Time, and his school’s football program is developing into what could potentially be a serious SEC title contender.

From the university president’s standpoint, things are on the up. To borrow a notion from Drake: The Aggies started from the bottom, now they’re here.

With that Drake reference, I’d like to throw out a question that Texas A&M fans might be able to answer: What is up with the Aggies and “OVO”?

The acronym stands for “October’s Very Own”—a fashion brand designed by Drake, with whom Manziel has developed a close relationship. I ask because the gentleman on the left in this picture is throwing up an “OVO” hand gesture.

Is this a pan-Aggies thing now? Or just some guys mimicking Manziel?

Either way, I prefer Loftin’s imitation of Manziel. He’s in the SEC now. Time to make it rain.


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