Oregon vs. Virginia: Live Game Grades and Analysis for the Ducks

Dilan AmesCorrespondent ISeptember 7, 2013

Mariota is one of the best quarterback prospects in the country.
Mariota is one of the best quarterback prospects in the country.Christopher Barth/Getty Images

Oregon 59, Virginia 10: Final

The Oregon Ducks continued their dominance with a 59-10 victory over the Virginia Cavaliers.

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Game Analysis for the Oregon Ducks

Passing Offense

Marcus Mariota showed good zip and placed the ball well on several occasions. He stood tall in the pocket and was fearless against UVA’s pass-rushers.

It’s good to see that he doesn’t just resort to running as soon as he feels pressure, shows good development.


Run Offense

De’Anthony Thomas showed once again that he can more than handle being the feature back in Oregon’s offense. Incredible change of direction with great speed, almost like LeSean McCoy.

Thomas and Mariota finished the game with a combined 246 yards and four touchdowns.


Pass Defense

Oregon’s defenders stiffened up in the second half, reeling in crucial interceptions in both the third and fourth quarters.

They did have a couple of penalties, but that comes with being an rapacious secondary. Oregon’s offense may steal the show, but its defense was just as important in this game.


Run Defense

Oregon's run defense was consistently solid against Virginia's running game, holding the Cavaliers to just 124 yards on the day.

The Ducks did allow a couple of nice gains here and there, but they often stopped Virginia at or behind the line of scrimmage.


Special Teams

Oregon’s special teams did a pretty good job against UVA’s unit. They allowed just over 15 yards per return.

However, the Ducks only averaged 20 yards per return.



They didn’t quite match their 66 points from last week, but there’s not a lot to be upset about when your team scores 59 points.

The Helfrich era is off to a nice start.


1st-Half Analysis for the Oregon Ducks

Passing Offense

While his ability to run is a big part of what makes him special, Marcus Mariota has shown improvement as a passer. He made good decisions and didn’t try to force throws into tight spots, although he didn’t throw many passes at all.


Run Offense

It’s no secret that Oregon’s offense has more speed than HBO’s The Wire, but it was especially on display in the first half.

Marcus Mariota, Byron Marshall and De’Anthony Thomas combined for 200 yards and three touchdowns in the first half, deflating UVA’s defense in the process.


Pass Defense

The Duck defense looked poised and in control in the first half, keeping David Watford to just 92 yards and an interception. The only knock on Oregon’s pass defense from this half is that it missed a few tackles in the open field, but it did a good job of shutting Watford down toward the red zone.


Run Defense

Aside from a 45-yard touchdown run by Khalek Shepherd, the Oregon run defense did a pretty good job of shutting down Virginia's running game, holding its four ball-carriers to just 90 yards in the first half. 


Special Teams

Oregon did a great job of putting a lot of pressure on UVA’s punting and kicking units, even blocking a punt in the process. The Ducks didn’t get too much of a spark in their return game, but they did well in defending the Cavs’ return unit.



Helfrich has done a great job of taking over for Chip Kelly. His aggressive play-calling fits this team well. Following Mariota’s 71-yard touchdown run, Helfrich called for a two-point conversion to get his team off to a quick start and lead.

Team discipline stuck out too, as Oregon had just one penalty.