Why Their Current Storyline Makes the McMahons Bad for Business in WWE

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistSeptember 6, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

It seems that week after week, the WWE Universe is tuning into programming with the hopes that their new hero Daniel Bryan will get the best of the evil empire trying to limit his success. But every single time, Bryan is left helpless in the middle of the ring, bested by his treacherous foes.

And as the perpetrators of one of the most frustrating storylines in the business in recent memory, are the McMahons and their cohorts setting themselves up to fail?

Ever since Triple H hit a pedigree on Bryan to allow Randy Orton to steal the WWE title, Bryan has been a man possessed in his attempts to thwart the oppressive new regime that has taken hold of the company.

Every week, the talent roster is left to wonder what poor soul will have to fight off the onslaught of one-sided matches or even ones with ridiculous stipulations, like the "win or you're fired" one that left Cody Rhodes without employment.

With this bullying nature, the group has created an environment that does not lend itself to a fruitful existence. With the entire roster too scared to speak up about the injustices that they are seeing, fans do not get the end result that they want.

The crowd cheered wildly when it seemed as if the Big Show was trying to rebel against the group and not inflict the beating on Bryan that it wanted him to. Ultimately, he relented and another corporate stooge was born.

The entire idea of the storyline seems to revolve around making Randy Orton this unbeatable entity. He is the anti-Hulk Hogan.

Hogan would have years where he seemed unbeatable as he triumphed over all the bad guys that challenged him, whether it was for the WWF title or just with foolish pride on the line. But in the end, he always came out on top.

The difference was that Hogan normally did it on his own, with no help from onscreen backing of company brass.

And if Orton is supposed to be "the" guy, why was he completely shut out of any title picture since 2011?

Yes, he is a good in-ring worker, and he has a decent amount of charisma, but then why does he need such a monumental backing from a group of flunkies like The Shield? The old Randy Orton would have hated this idea. He was able to take care of business with help from no one.

Unless we're channeling the Legacy-era Orton, in which case this all makes sense.

And frankly, the whole idea of Bryan getting completely annihilated every week by incredibly one-sided battles is getting boring. It's not even a stale idea at this point. It is boring to see the same person being completely decimated week in and week out with no sign of relief in sight.

Yes, the ultimate goal is likely to have Bryan win the title eventually, but will he have to be subjected to hundreds of more beatings at gang-on-one odds to be able to do it.

If we're counting the Big Show, who seemingly is completely at the mercy of the McMahons at the moment, the group includes seven people that are trying to stifle Bryan's rise to the top. And granted, Stephanie McMahon is probably not going to be getting involved in any physical affairs for the foreseeable future, but still. Those odds are too much for anyone to handle.

And because we're seeing Bryan down and out every week, the company is portraying that the good guy can never triumph over evil. It is frustrating to see the hero laid out and no one making any attempt to help him for fear of repercussion from management.

And with a company that boasts so many young fans, that is the opposite of what they should be going for.

Because not only is Bryan, the good guy, being shut down every week, he is getting no measure of revenge (other than the silly Cadillac Escalade paint job that he performed a couple of weeks ago) that would lead anyone to believe that he will thrive in the future.

Granted, this is all a storyline, but still. If the company continues to put forth the same result every single week, with no hint of things ever changing, it could find itself losing viewers.

After all, some people do root for the bad guy on occasion. But in the end, the good guy will probably always win.

Or at least fight evil on a level playing field.