WWE Night of Champions 2013: Stars Who Will Win over Fans in Defeat

Daniel Van Boom@dvanboomAnalyst IISeptember 6, 2013

All photos courtesy of WWE.com
All photos courtesy of WWE.com

Night of Champions is the annual event in the WWE where every title is on the line, but not everyone can be a champion.

The WWE are on a creative hot streak at the moment. Almost every swing they take is finding its mark and making an impact, and several key storylines will see their next twist at Night of Champions.

As we know, sometimes the people who suffer the most devastating losses are the ones who deserve to win. In other cases, the time just isn’t right for a superstar to get their big win.

However, just because a superstar loses doesn’t mean he can’t make an impact. The following are the stars of Night of Champions who will win over fans in defeat.


Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan is the brave warrior daring enough to challenge the McMahon/Helmsley dynasty, who stand in the way of his quest for the WWE championship.

As the company’s top babyface, Daniel Bryan is likely to reclaim the WWE championship at some point, but not just yet.

The fun is all in the chase, and The American Dragon’s re-ascension to the top will be a slow but worthwhile one.

If he wins the title back just one month after losing it, then the whole Corporation angle will lose its heat and the angle its momentum.

Plus, expect Bryan to attempt to conquer The King of Kings before winning back the WWE championship.


Dean Ambrose

The Corporation has dominated the WWE superstars ever since Triple H’s heel turn at SummerSlam; they tormented The Big Show, fired Cody Rhodes and beat down Daniel Bryan every week.

Bryan won’t be getting retribution at Night of Champions, so it makes sense that someone will.

Dolph Ziggler has been a target of the 2013 Helmsley era ever since he made mildly disparaging remarks about Triple H the night of SummerSlam, and he has been dismantled by The Shield multiple times since then.

The Showoff will gain a measure of retribution by defeating Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship.

Even though he’s feuded with many top stars over the past year, Ambrose rarely gets a chance to show off his skills in one-on-one matches. This Sunday will present him with such an opportunity, and even if he loses, he and Ziggler may just steal the show.


Rob Van Dam

Rob Van Dam returned to the WWE in exciting fashion. He first appeared in the WWE All-Stars Money in the Bank Ladder match and would go on to have great matches with Chris Jericho and Randy Orton shortly after that.

Despite his strong performances, the company just doesn’t seem to know what to do with him.

He was clumsily put into a last-minute feud with Dean Ambrose for SummerSlam and is now feuding with Alberto Del Rio for the world heavyweight championship.

On paper, that second part sounds good, but his program with Del Rio doesn’t feel any more inspired than The Mexican Aristocrat’s meaningless feud with Christian last month.

When WWE Creative failed Christian and Del Rio, the two stars were thankfully able to make their feud meaningful by putting on a terrific match at SummerSlam.

The same will happen at Night of Champions; it’s unlikely the WWE will put world title gold on RVD, but these two industry veterans will put on a world-class match at Night of Champions.