Tom Brady Speaks Out on Johnny Manziel's On-Field Antics

Rob Goldberg@TheRobGoldbergFeatured ColumnistSeptember 5, 2013

Johnny Manziel continues to make a lot of headlines, but not a lot of friends, and New England Patriots superstar quarterback Tom Brady is the latest to share his opinion on the Texas A&M star.

Brady was interviewed on CNBC’s Squawk Box and was asked about the Heisman Trophy winner, and responded (per Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated):

I get pretty emotional. I have a lot of respect for … my teammates, for my organization and certainly for other guys in the NFL. There’s not a guy playing in the NFL who hasn’t earned the right to be here, and who isn’t supremely talented.

He’s [Manziel] probably been the best athlete in his high school class, in his elementary school class. So when you look across the ball, you have respect for those guys and treat them with respect. Football’s a physical game … and as [Kraft] would say, “If you’re a turd, it’s going to come back to you.”

Brady is one of a growing list of figures who have spoken out about Manziel's on-field antics. As Burke points out, former Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher also weighed in on the Aggies star via Fox Sports 1:

I’m not saying he’s a punk, but he acted like a punk in that game. [He's] such a good football player. You saw in the second half, what he did — three touchdown passes and ran it pretty well. It’s just too bad he had to act like that. I’m pulling for the guy. I want him to do well.

Manziel was suspended for the first half of his team's season opener against Rice after his summer of NCAA investigation and autograph scandals. When he returned to the field, he completed six of eight passes for 94 yards and three touchdowns as the Aggies were able to pull away in a 52-31 win.

Unfortunately, Manziel's play was once again overshadowed by his other actions, including taunts involving autograph gestures:

He also received an unsportsmanlike conduct later in the game following a touchdown. Manziel was later benched

These types of negative actions have caused many others to question the redshirt sophomore. According to Tom Fornelli of CBS Sports, former Oklahoma coach Barry Switzer recently said via ESPN Radio:

I'm certainly disappointed in his actions. For him to act so arrogant, I wanted to jerk his face mask and I wanted to grab him. Of course you get fired for that now; in the old days you could get away with that. It's the world we live in. It's a misplaced value system. When I see this happen I wonder where the core value system comes from, if he has a core value system. This young man needs a damn hell of a lot of development.

There's certainly no doubting his talent and impact on the field, but it's apparent that some folks in the sports world are taking equal notice of Johnny Manziel's actions and behavior. Brady is just the latest.


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