Billy Bitter Leaves Sour Taste In Opponents' Mouths

Calvin W BoazCorrespondent IIMay 15, 2009

With eight playoffs games in college lacrosse taking place last weekend, you would think it would be difficult for one player to stand out above all the others.  However, one player did just that.

His name is Billy Bitter.  Imagine Superman with a lacrosse stick.

Last weekend, Bitter scored eight goals to help the North Carolina Tar Heels defeat the UMBC Retrievers 15-13.  In most cases, team goals outrank individual accomplishments.

However, on that hot afternoon, Bitter achieved rock-star status by scoring those eight goals in just nine shots.  His opportunity for perfection and a NCAA Tournament record escaped his grasp when his shot into an empty net was deflected by a defenseman.

As a sophomore attackman, he is just the third Tar Heel ever to score eight goals in a match.  His 46 goals this season leaves him one short of the school record held by Dennis Goldstein back in 1991.

His teammates have nicknamed him "Cheese", although with his last name, "Melon" or "Beer" would seem more appropriate.

There is no player that has meant more to his team that Billy Bitter has this season.

His superhuman powers will be on full display Sunday when his sixth-seeded Tar Heels take on the third-seeded Duke Blue Devils at the Navy Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Maryland.

It has almost been two months since Duke lost.  To make matters worse, Duke has beaten North Carolina ten straight times, including twice this season.

Leading his team to victory over the hottest team in the country would be a daunting task for most mortal men. However, you have to remember we are talking about Billy Bitter, the next lacrosse prodigy.