Miss Alabama Dons Audacious 'Roll Tide' Dress

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2013

Photo Credit: AL.com
Photo Credit: AL.com

In case you have trouble remembering which Miss America contestant is the one from Alabama, look for the one decked out in Roll Tide fashion. 

Matt Lombardi of College Spun spotted this image tweeted out by Caleigh Grace showing 2013 Miss Alabama, Chandler Champion, who is wearing a Roll Tide dress that will garner applause from Crimson Tide fans and vitriol from pretty much every one else:

One of a kind dress Miss Alabama had designed for the Miss America competition…. This can’t be real life 😂😂😂 pic.twitter.com/nMbsRxHQjo

— Caleigh Grace (@caleighgrace) September 5, 2013

Of course, if your loyalties rest with Alabama you will undoubtedly flip for the dress. As for the rest of the nation who proclaims love for other programs, the reaction might be just a tad different. 

ESPN's Brett McMurphy would like you to take a look at the loudest shoes since Dorothy clanked her heels together to go home: 

Again, Tim Gunn has thoughts. 

When designing the dress, we imagine Champion requested the "everything and the kitchen sink" option. In fact, there has to be at least a faucet on this thing. 

Thankfully, there is far more information on Mia Watkins' AL.com report covering Champion as she leaves to the Miss America pageant in Atlantic City. 

The Ann Northington-designed outfit is a black jumpsuit with a fitted bodice, complete with a houndstooth float that spells out “Roll Tide” on the front and has the Alabama National Championship emblem on the back.

The dress was a natural choice for the event, according to Miss Alabama director Nan Teninbaum.

“With Chandler being a University of Alabama student and the university being the national champs for three years, we chose to do national champs,” she said.

The dress and those shoes will make their debut at the Sept. 14 "Show Us Your Shoes" parade where we presume attendees, um, show off their shoes. 

Now go ahead and sound off on whether this sartorial statement is a winner or loser in the comments section below. Something tells me there will be a healthy amount of opinions on this one. 

You really have to consider the perfection of this pageant though. You have a young lady named Champion who goes to Alabama and decides to wear a Roll Tide dress. 

The only things that might spruce up this dress would be a Nick Saban bobblehead or Notre Dame doormat. 


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