Florida Gators Fan Transforms Yard into Field, Might Be Greatest Man in World

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 5, 2013

Photo Credit: Jason Ioppolo Twitter
Photo Credit: Jason Ioppolo Twitter

There is nothing more beautiful than The Swamp one dad made for his kids. 

Granted, there might be more dazzling displays, but it's football season, so all rankings are biased at this point. 

For the Win (h/t College Spun) spotted a couple of tweets from Florida Gators fan Jason Ioppolo. It seems this father understands all you need to make your kids happy is a backyard, some paint and carefully crafted lines. 

Here is his yard looking far swampier than it normally might. 

The website also spotted a tweet from July that boasts a Bengals field for a group of seven- and eight-year-old kids. 

I spent many of my own summers playing tape ball behind the house or basketball in the backyard. For the latter, my brother and I might chalk up some lines for a three-point line or makeshift key. 

Ioppolo is taking that sentiment to a whole new and highly enjoyable level. I can only imagine how excited these kids are to run little routes inside that red zone. 

College Spun also reminds us that a certain Louisville Cardinals fan went above and beyond to show off his love for his team by giving the landscape surrounding his home a facelift. 

And then there was this fan, who crafted a homage to the Redskins using his own yard, via @SuperSkin1 Twitter

All of this reminds me about the family who transformed their entire front yard into a wiffle ball stadium with a fence, lights and scoreboard. Even Bob Costas showed up to take some hacks. 

Of course, the winner may just be former Georgia fullback Des Williams, who fashioned a gorgeous Sanford Stadium replica in his own yard, via For the Win.

According to the report, that field cost about $15,000 and took three months to complete. It's worth it because it was all for his three-year-old son, Braylon. 

Sometimes a big lot just won't do for marathon sessions of pint-sized football. That's when you roll up your sleeves and bring the stadium home. 


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