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Bleacher Report featured columnists Michael Cahill, Brandon Galvin, Mike Chiari and Donald Wood give the lowdown on all things going on in the wrestling world.

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Triple H Makes Big Show His Puppet

Triple H's reign of terror over the WWE roster continued on Raw, as he continues to look more and more like a new-age version of Vince McMahon. The main target of Triple H's aggression continues to be Daniel Bryan, but he has brought Big Show into the mix as well. Triple H threatened to fire Big Show if he didn't knock out Bryan on Monday, so Big Show had no choice but to reluctantly follow The Game's orders.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Is a Big Show Heel Turn Imminent?

Big Show has turned from face to heel and back again more times than perhaps anyone in the history of professional wrestling, but the WWE seems to have a pretty interesting storyline on its hands. While there are obviously some inconsistencies involved, such as Stephanie McMahon saying that Big Show has been her friend since she was 12 despite the fact that he didn't come to WWE until 1999, the premise surrounding Big Show's involvement is sound.

The creative team is trying to establish the fact that Triple H has supreme power, which is something that hasn't really been seen out of authority figures in recent years. There have been complaints that Big Show's iron-clad contract should prevent him from being fired, but the notion that Triple H can potentially do away with it only furthers the notion that Triple H can do whatever he pleases. That makes him look even more powerful, and it stacks the odds against Bryan even more as well.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

While Big Show has been extremely reluctant to help Triple H thus far, there has to be something more to this angle. With Bryan facing Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions, Triple H has to have something up his sleeve in order to prevent Bryan from winning.

Big Show getting involved is a definite possibility, and making him a willing participant in Triple H's plan would make things even more interesting as well. Since Stephanie alluded to Big Show being broke, Triple H could offer Big Show a huge bonus in exchange for helping him, and that would satisfactorily explain his heel turn from a storyline perspective.

Although the Ring Rust Radio panel was not in agreement regarding where things are going with Big Show, a feud with Bryan could very well happen. Bryan certainly isn't going to feud with Orton forever, and it wouldn't make sense for Bryan to get multiple title opportunities with Triple H calling the shots. Facing Big Show would be a great transitional feud for Bryan, it would allow him to continue feuding with "The Corporation" and beating Big Show cleanly would provide a massive boost since few guys in the business lose less often than Big Show.


Rumor Mill: Triple H vs. Big Show Match Possibly in the Works ( via PWInsider)


Triple H Fires Cody Rhodes

In addition to the manipulation of Big Show, Triple H flexed his executive muscle on Raw by firing Cody Rhodes. While backstage, Rhodes questioned Triple H's decision to force Big Show into a match with Bryan, and he suggested that nobody should get involved. This angered Triple H, which led to him putting Rhodes in a match against Orton with the stipulation that Rhodes would be fired in the event of a loss. Rhodes did lose the match, and Triple H figuratively handed him his pink slip.


Question on Everybody's Mind: How Will Rhodes Make His Return?

Rhodes had absolutely no involvement in the Triple H storyline prior to Monday night, so it was somewhat surprising to see him injected so suddenly. Since defeating Damien Sandow twice, the WWE hasn't done much with Rhodes. He is limited on the mic to a certain degree, and his charisma is lacking, but he is fantastic in the ring and is still very young in wrestling terms despite the fact that he has been around for so long. With that in mind, this angle could be the vehicle that finally allows him to reach the main event.

The face reaction that Rhodes received at Money in the Bank was immense, so the fans have already shown that they can get behind him. The creative team simply has to give the fans a reason to care about him.

The fact that Rhodes getting married was mentioned several times is interesting since nothing had ever been said about it before. That seems to suggest that it could play some type of role when he does return, but it is unclear exactly what it means.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

The Ring Rust Radio panel was very much in disagreement with regard to what this firing angle means for Rhodes. One possibility is that he will return with a vengeance in hopes of taking down Triple H and Orton. Perhaps he'll make his comeback by attacking Orton, which will prompt The Viper to ask Triple H to reinstate Rhodes.

This could then lead to a transitional feud between Orton and Rhodes for the WWE Championship. If Bryan feuds with Big Show, it would make sense as it would give Rhodes a taste of the main event scene, and it would certainly get him over as a face with the fans.

Failing that, it's possible that the marriage angle could come into play. If Big Show being "broke" ultimately leads to him helping Triple H willingly, maybe Rhodes needing to provide for his wife will cause him to come back as Triple H's puppet. He could potentially interfere during the Orton vs. Bryan match at Night of Champions on Orton's behalf, which would add yet another layer to the angle. It isn't ideal for Rhodes to turn heel after just turning face, but there is no question that it would put another feather in Triple H's cap.


Rumor Mill: Rhodes' Departure Reportedly Rushed ( via F4WOnline)


TNA's Bound For Glory Series Goes Haywire

Bound For Glory is TNA's version of WrestleMania, and while it is obviously nowhere near WrestleMania in terms of size and scope, TNA should do everything in its power to put forth a strong and logical product leading up to the event. The Bound For Glory Series is meant to make Bound For Glory seem important, as many of the company's top stars battle for a shot at the world title, but the manner in which TNA has handled the Bound For Glory Series is an absolute joke.


Question on Everybody's Mind: Has TNA Handled the BFG Series Correctly?

In a lot of ways, the Bound For Glory Series is TNA's answer to WWE's Royal Rumble. The main difference, however, is that WWE promotes the heck out of the Royal Rumble, and everyone is fully aware of what it means.

There are so many gray areas when it comes to the Bound For Glory Series, though, that fans have no clue what is going on. During last week's edition of Impact, Mike Tenay suddenly said that the final Bound For Glory Series matches prior to the final four would happen that very night. This is despite the fact that TNA never said that was the case at any point prior.

The end of the Bound For Glory Series is a huge deal, and TNA should have made sure that the fans knew it a few weeks ahead of time. Even though Tenay said that those matches ended the Bound For Glory Series, Hulk Hogan completely flipped the script by saying that there would be a 20-point gauntlet match the next week. The gauntlet match wasn't a terrible idea, but adding it out of nowhere makes little sense. It would be like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell deciding to add an 18th week to the regular season after teams already thought they had clinched a playoff spot.


Ring Rust Radio's Take

Prior to Hogan's announcement that there would be another Bound For Glory Series match, A.J. Styles defeated Bobby Roode. At the time, it was thought that this would be Styles' final opportunity to reach the final four of the Bound For Glory Series. He was eight points outside of the top four, so he needed a submission win for 10 points.

Despite that, Styles pinned Roode with a roll-up. The announcers pretended as though it was an instinctive move on Styles' part, but it was absolutely ridiculous. Nobody would ever go for a pinfall knowing full well that a submission was their only hope.

This isn't the first time that TNA has booked senselessly with regard to the Bound For Glory Series, and it certainly won't be the last. While the Bound For Glory Series concept isn't the worst thing in the world, it couldn't possibly be carried out any worse. TNA needs to take a long look at the Bound For Glory Series and make some adjustments moving forward.

If TNA makes sure everyone faces everyone once and lays the schedule out clearly ahead of time, then maybe it can actually be effective next year. Failing that, it's a random mess that will never resonate with the fans.


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