B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Break Down the Walls

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B/R Turns Into WWE Smackdown: Break Down the Walls
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(C#1) We are here live in San Antonio, Texas, where we are only 48 hours away from Judgment Day and there are still a lot of problems that need solutions tonight.

(C#2) That is right! Tonight we will see Sterling Eby take on any person that AkD chooses! Also we will see Jay Rob vs. AkD in the main event.

(C#1) Sounds great! We also have some other announcements as well. Last night in the Smackdown vs Raw show, the travel manager Vince Russo thought it would be a good idea to go to Mexico and we had two incidents where Joe Burgett and Chedder Bob were tossed into the Gulf of Mexico. Joe is fine, but Cheddar seems to be mentally unstable, but let's head to the ring for the first match of the night.

(RA) This is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Jared Farver and Demetrus Stokes.

They come out to a pretty big pop.

(RA) And their opponents, the team of Blue Chip and...

Chip comes out with a brash look on his face with a microphone. He stops towards the ramp.

(Chip) Finally, my tag team partner has been found!

Heavy boos go throughout the crowd.

(Chip) He is Sterling Eby!

Eby's music hits but nobody comes out.

(Chip) WHAT! Eby, you promised me this match!

John Cena's music hits as Cheddar Bob walks out in the same clothes as last night when he was thrown into the Gulf of Mexico. He is still wet as he walks towards the ring.

(C#1) ...How is Bob still wet?

(C#2) I just received information that he takes showers in those clothes...eww. Anyways Cheddar is a new signing by DJ Rallo. He refers to him as "Our Colin Delaney."

They both enter the ring as the bell rings and we are underway.

The match starts between Jared and Chip as Chip quickly gets some offense with a lariat and a few stomps. He then raises his fist and tags in Bob.

Bob is yelling at Chip in the middle of the ring with "Why did you hit me!" screeches coming from Bob. Chip is trying to explain it was a tag until Farver hits Chip with a spear and tags in Stokes.

Stokes then runs towards Bob, but Bob surprisingly picks Stokes up on his shoulders and hits an Attitude Adjustment. He goes for a pin and gets a one count.

He looks surprised, but he wonders why it was not effective. He turns around in disbelief until Stokes hits him with a Scissors Kick and gets the three count.

(RA) You're winners, Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver!

The fans cheer as Chip and Bob are in the ring. Chip is furious at a confused Bob until Blue Chip starts beating the crap out of him in the ring with a series of cheap shots and leg drops. Daris Brown's music hits as he walks out on the ramp with a mic.

(Brown) Chip...Come with me.

Blue walks down the ramp looking confused as he walks out with Daris as we go to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

(C#1) Well after an awkward turn of events it looks as if Stokes and Farver remain undefeated while Brown randomly comes out and calls Blue Chip to the back.

Backstage Segment in Rallo's office (M, DJ Rallo, Stokes and Farver)

DJ is on the phone until the door knocks.

(Rallo) Come in.

M walks in the office with some serious heat.

(M) Listen to me and listen to me good. How dare you come to me after my match and hit me with a so called Winged Victory. You say you are the Truth, yet you deceive one of your top talent.

(Rallo) The reason you got your ass handed to you last week after Smackdown is because of two reasons. One is that I wanted to acknowledge everyone that I am in shape and not some old has been.

The more important reason being that I am sick of you running your mouth on my show. You are not in a match tonight, but Ron Johnson is. I'd watch your opponent tonight and wonder how you will survive in that Stretcher Match.

M walks out as Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver walk in.

(Stokes) Hey Rallo, we just wanted to thank you for all of these matches, but we need more than Chip and Bob. We need a shot to shine and show our true potential. Maybe you can arrange a shot for the Unified Tag Team Championships?

(Rallo) Look guys, I will talk to Svy but you need to do me a favor to prove yourselves. Next week, I want you two to take on M in a match if he makes it through Judgment Day. If you beat him, you will have a guaranteed shot at the straps. Good day.

Rallo walks out as we head to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

A Jev Thorpe return promo. Three weeks away.

(RA) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Cruiserweight Championship. Introducing first, Dozer!

Dozer walks out to some serious heat.

(RA) And his opponent, the current Cruiserweight Champion, Tim List!

List comes out to the biggest pop of the night as the bell rings and we are underway.

The match starts with Dozer quickly hitting an STO on to List, he goes for the quick pin, but gets a two count. Dozer then hits a senton on List's prone body and goes for another pin and gets another two count.

Dozer looks stunned and picks up List for a powerbomb, but List reverses with a hurricarana and he knocks him down. List then goes for a sunset leg drop, but Dozer rolls outside of the ring.

Dozer is reagaining some stamina until List goes for a baseball slide on to Dozer but Dozer catches him on the outside and hits a facebreaker on the outside of the ring.

List is in pain as Dozer tries to pick him up, but List reverses and hits an enziguri. Both men are down on the outside for 8 seconds until both men manage to get in the ring.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as List is in control as he hits Dozer with a tiger bomb and gets only a two count. List looks distressed and picks up Dozer.

While Dozer is still half up, List hits a Whisper in the Winds as Dozer is down. List goes up to the top rope and hits a Corkscrew on to Dozer and gets the three count.

(RA) Your winner and still Cruiserweight Champion, Tim List!

The crowd goes nuts as List is celebrating in the ring.

A Video of the Current Sizzle/Telek/Canny feud is shown as we see some men putting some furniture in the ring as the "Hitman Hotspot," with Kevin Canny is up next.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Canny is in the ring with a microphone.

(Canny) Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the "Hitman Hotspot" with your soon to be United States Champion, Kevin Canny!

Mixed reaction from the crowd. Mostly cheers.

(Canny) Since I have the night off, I would like to interview a dear friend of mine who I will be facing for the vacant belt on Sunday. Ladies and gentlemen, Dan Telek!

Telek comes out to a huge pop from the crowd. He walks into the ring and shakes Kevin's hand as he then takes a mic.

(Canny) Thanks for being able to have a quick segment before you face that animal, Dub Sizzle tonight.

(Telek) No prob. I have the fullest intentions that I will beat the living crap out of Sub Bizzle tonight and then take you out on Sunday.

(Canny) I like that confidence you have Telek, but let's look at some footage of what Sizzle has done.

Video is shown of Sizzle/Burgett segment on Superstars as well as his several beatings on Telek in the past.

(Canny) You sure you will be ready for Judgment Day? Unlike you, I will be 100 percent.

DJ Rallo's music hits as he comes out with a microphone.

(Rallo) Pardon the interruption, gentlemen but there is something I would like to say. First of all Kevin Canny, you are in a match tonight as AkD has chosen you to take on Sterling Eby tonight in the Pick Your Poison match.

Canny looks stunned as their is a mixed reaction.

(Rallo) With that being said, I suggest that you wrap this up and we lower the cage soon.

(Canny) Fine, but lets hope that you make it to Judgment Day.

(Rallo) That reminds me of a stipulation I thought of. If Sizzle wins this match, it will be a triple threat on Sunday! Good luck guys.

He walks out as we head to commercial.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as the "Hotspot" furniture is gone as Dan Telek is in the steel structure waiting for Dub Sizzle.

(RA) And his opponent, Dub Sizzle!

Sizzle comes out to a ton of heat as he walks inside the cage.

The bell rings and we are under way.

Sizzle instantly starts the match with some chops to Telek and quickly hits a neckbreaker on Telek.

Sizzle is like a madman in the ring as he is cursing his mouth off and screaming at the referee. But Telek gets up and as Sizzle chases after him, Telek tosses Sizzle into the cage.

Sizzle looks to be in pain and Telek is constantly bashing Dub's skull against the cage until about four shots later, Sizzle reverses and does the same to Telek as both men are bleeding.

After Telek reverses and hits a low blow to Sizzle and then goes to the second rope for an elbow drop, it connects and he goes for the pinfall. Two count as Telek looks pissed as we go to commercial break.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Sizzle is back in control as he is hitting Telek with a series of big boots until Telek got under him and hit a low blow.

Telek is now getting to the cage and as soon as he started towards the cage, Sizzle got up and german suplexed him down.

Sizzle now picked up Telek and hit the Demon Driver on to Telek. Sizzle goes for the pin and gets the three count as both men are covered in blood.

(RA) Here is your winner, Dub Sizzle!

Lot of heat going throughout the arena as it will now be Sizzle vs Canny vs Telek at Judgment Day. Canny walks out on the ramp for a second, but walkd to the back.

(Commercial Break)

We are back in the ring as we have Ice Berg (one time only)  and Ron Johnson in the ring.

The bell rings and we are under way. (Johnson got a huge pop)

Johnson hits the jobber with an electric chair and a few punches and then Johnson picked up Berg and he has him in the powerbomb position. He hits the gutwrench powerbomb (Omega Drop) for the three count and the win.

Johnson picks up a mic.

(Ron) Come on, M! That was too easy for me and I want you now, the stretcher can wait.

M's music huts as he walks down the ramp with a steel chair and walks towards the ring. M is halfway there until Johnson comes out of the ring and runs towards M. They run at each other and Ron takes the chair and hits M with it. He is beating M with a series of chair shots until he walks out to a huge ovation.

(Commercial Break)

(C #1) After a bizarre night so far, we still have two main events and have learned that next week, Andrea Claire and any partner of her choice will take on Sterling Eby and Christi Lott. Andrea has had a full recovery and so has Sterling.

(RA) This match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Kevin Canny.

Canny comes out to a mixed reaction.

(RA) And his opponent, being accompanied by Christi Lott, Sterling Eby.

Huge heat

The bell rings and we are under way.

They start with Canny and Eby locking up until Eby hits an armbar and runs towards the ropes. When he comes back, he hits Canny with a spear and goes for the pin. Two count as he looks pissed off.

He then picks up Canny and goes for a big boot, but Canny catches his leg and flips him towards the ground.

While Eby is on the ground, Canny is locking in a Camel Clutch. Eby tries to break free by getting to the ropes, but he fails on two occasions. He finally is about to give in until he finally gets to the ropes and Canny has to release the hold.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as Eby is in control after just hitting a backbreaker. Eby is now going for his new signature elbow drop and connects.

He goes for the pin and only gets a two count. Eby looks mad as he picks up Canny and hits an armbar again on Canny. He then goes in the back of Canny and locks in a full nelson.

Canny is struggling to get out until he flipped Eby on the mat again and is ready to lock in the Sharpshooter.

Christi is arguing with the referee and Canny notices it as he walks toward Christi as she backs down and Eby rolls up Canny for the pin by grabbing his tights. He gets the three count and Eby wins as the lights go out.

(?) I have arrived (Maniacal laugh)

A masked man comes down from a cable and is beating on Sterling Eby and Kevin Canny. He hit an inverted DDT on to Canny and he picked up Eby on his shoulders and hit an F-5. The lights go out and he disappears. (This was no Suicide reference)

Backstage Interview with Jay Rob

(BA) We are now live with Jay Rob the Legacy Kid! Jay tell us how you feel about your triple threat match on Sunday.

(Jay) Well I have been in a fatal four way at Backlash and now a triple threat at Judgment Day. I owe Telek a favor and I'm the underdog, this is not one of the times when there is nothing to worry about.

I have to face two men prepared for battle after losing last night to BLT or whatever his name is. Of course I'm nervous, but I'm confident that I will win at Judgment Day and that is all that matters to me.

He walks out and towards the ring entrance.

(Commercial Break)

AkD is walking down the ramp to an enormous pop as Jay Rob is already in the ring.

(RA) Introducing his opponent, the WWE Champion, AkD!

As soon as the announcer said that, it sounded as if the roof was going to blow off.

The bell rings and we are under way.

The match starts with AkD instantly hitting a T-Bone Suplex on to Jay but Jay quickly gets up and hits a running drop kick on to AkD as he instantly gets up. The fans are loving the match and both men shake hands.

Now AkD hits Jay with a Paydirt out of nowhere and goes for the pin. He gets tow and a half and AkD can not believe this.

(Commercial Break)

We are back as both men are fighting on the outside of the ring. This is back and forth action until AkD throws Jay into the barricade. Fans are throwing trash at both men until security escorted them out of the arena..haha, joking this isn't PG!

They are still fighting on the outside until AkD rolled Jay into the ring and AkD followed him into the ring. Jay is now in control as he hit a flying elbow on to AkD as Jay now is holding AkD in an armbar submission on the mat (STF).

AkD is refusing to tap out and gets to the rope so Jay has to release the hold. They are now both up as Jay hit AkD with a kick to the midsection and then hit a leg sweep so AkD is on the mat and Jay goes to the top rope.

Jay goes for a leg drop off the top rope, but AkD gets up quickly and pounces to the third turnbuckle and grabs Jay and nails a superplex. Both men are on the ground as the referee starts the ten count. At 8, both men slowly get up and AkD runs into the Chiropractor by Jay Rob.

Jay goes for the pin and gets a two and a half. Jay is yelling at the ref as he goes back to the top rope. He then points at the sky and hits a Frog Splash on to AkD and goes for the pin. He gets the three and Jay has pinned the WWE Champion.

Jay is celebrating in the ring until Sterling Eby and Christi Lott come out. Sterling hits a running STO on to Jay and the lights go out again.

(?) AkD, Your Judgment Day will be one of malevolence and sorrow. Good day and see you in a matter of hours.

The lights go back on as AkD, Eby, and Jay Rob are in the ring looking confused with Christi on the outside. Nothing happened and this concludes this week of Smackdown.

Quick Results

Demetrus Stokes and Jared Farver beat Blue Chip and Cheddar Bob

Tim List (C) beat Dozer to retain the Cruiserweight Belt

Dub Sizzle beat Dan Telek in a Steel Cage match

Sterling Eby beat Kevin Canny

Jay Rob the Legacy Kid beat WWE Champion AkD


While Eby, Rob, and AkD are in the ring, GM DJ Rallo announces an eight man tag match with Ron Johnson, Jay Rob, AkD, and Tim List to take on Sterling Eby, Dozer, Dub Sizzle, and Daris Brown.

It was a good match where Team AkD got the win with AkD pinning Dozer with a Paydirt. The four along with Dan Telek wished the fans a good night and a safe drive home.


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