Cleveland Indians Rally Behind Chicken Introduced at Batting Practice

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Cleveland Indians Rally Behind Chicken Introduced at Batting Practice
Leon Halip/Getty Images

MLB has quite a few superstitions floating around, but the Cleveland Indians have a new one with their rally chicken.

Cody the chicken was brought onto the field in Cleveland by pitcher Justin Masterson before the game, as the team practiced drills and took batting practice.

Many players seemed won over by the chicken, including Cody Allen. The chicken was then given to Allen as a gift, and was dubbed Cody as well.

Cody the chicken was supplied by a clubhouse worker, and appears to be a good luck charm for the team, as the Indians went on to beat the Baltimore Orioles 6-4.

Indians beat writers Jordan Bastian of and Pat McManamon of FOX Sports covered Cody the chicken and his exploits, and got some great quotes from players and coaches about the magical night.

Ryan Raburn might have been the most excited player on the team to see Cody the chicken on the field, and after winning the game he had a full-blown chicken-crush.

Manager Terry Francona was happy his team won, but his superstitions concerning farm animals are limited.

What's more, Francona was concerned that PETA would come after him if anything happened to Cody.

It wouldn't be the first time we've seen PETA interfere with animals in MLB this season. Back in July the organization tried to have the live rays in Tampa Bay released.

It seemed like everyone loved Cody, and he was the talk of the town after the game.

The way to know that you're a celebrity these days is not from your press clippings or seeing the paparazzi following you. You know you're a star when you're trending on Twitter and have a fake account made for you on Twitter.

Cody the chicken achieved both of these on Wednesday, as the hashtag #RallyChicken was trending on Twitter during the game, and this account was made in his honor.

Cody the chicken has officially become a star, and he is the most famous chicken in the world right now.

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