UFC 83: Georges St. Pierre—Matt Serra

travis atkinsonCorrespondent IApril 14, 2008

This Saturday, April 19th, features the biggest UFC event in the history of the sport.

22,000 people will fill the Bell Centre in anticipation for what could be one of the greatest MMA fights ever, in Georges St. Pierre vs Matt Serra.

Roughly one year ago, it was called the greatest upset when the 16-1 underdog Serra knocked out the seemingly unstoppable Georges St. Pierre. Since then, Serra went on to do The Ultimate Fighter Six, and was suppose to face Matt Hughes for the belt in December. However, a back injury forced him off the card.

Georges St. Pierre went on to win a lackluster fight with Josh Koscheck, and dominated the once dominant welterweight, Matt Hughes.

A lot of people are still not giving Serra credit, saying that St. Pierre slipped and it was a fluke, but it wasn't. This is also the one fight in a long time that I don't know who is gonna win. Serra might catch St. Pierre in a submission, St. Pierre might knock out Serra, or it might go five rounds.

In the words of Pete "Drago" Sell, "Georges St. Pierre is a mental midget, and I believe that the pressure will get to him of being in his hometown. Serra has nothing to lose in this fight."