America's Cup 2013: Course Map, Dates, Schedule and TV Info

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America's Cup 2013: Course Map, Dates, Schedule and TV Info
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Oracle Team USA will look to defend its championship as it faces Team New Zealand as the 34th America's Cup sets sail just off the coast of San Francisco.

It is really just off the coast, too. This edition of the America's Cup will be played out closer to shore than any of those that came before it.

This will provide fans with unprecedented viewing of this yachting spectacle.

This year's America's Cup will be in the AC72 class. These boats are sleek and fast. Have a look at Oracle in action: 

This catamarans will make for exciting racing. The crews have to be sharp, athletic and on their toes—these boats don't always keep its sailors dry.  

Take a look at the vitals, and then I'll check in with the two teams.

Course Map

View the course map at

America's Cup Schedule (via

Saturday, Sept. 7: Final Race 1 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 2 (2:15 pm PT)

Sunday, Sept. 8: Final Race 3 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 4 (2:15 pm PT

Tuesday, Sept. 10: Final Race 5 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 6 (2:15 pm PT)

Thursday, Sept. 12: Final Race 7 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 8 (2:15 pm PT)

Saturday, Sept. 14: Final Race 9 (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 10* (2:15 pm PT)

Sunday, Sept. 15: Final Race 11* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 12* (2:15 pm PT)

Monday, Sept. 16: Reserve Day

Tuesday, Sept. 17: Final Race 13* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 14* (2:15 pm PT)

Wednesday, Sept. 18: Reserve Day

Thursday, Sept. 19: Final Race 15* (1:15 pm PT), Final Race 16* (2:15 pm PT)

Friday, Sept. 20: Reserve Day

Saturday, Sept. 21: Final Race 17* (1:15 pm PT)

Sunday, Sept. 22: Reserve Day

Monday, Sept. 23: Reserve Day

*if necessary

TV Schedule

Information via

America's Cup Finals

September 7 - Races 1+2 - NBC - 4:00pm ET

September 8 - Races 3+4 - NBC - 4:00pm ET

September 10 - Races 5+6 – NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET

September 12 - Races 7+8 – NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET

September 14 - Races 9+10 - NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET

September 15 - Races 11+12 - NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET (if necessary)

September 17 - Races 13+14 - NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET (if necessary)

September 19 - Races 15+16 - NBC Sports Network- 3:30pm ET (if necessary)

September 21 - Races 17 - NBC Sports Network - 3:30pm ET (if necessary)


Team Preview

Oracle may be the defending champion, but it is starting off in a hole: 

Two points is huge, and it means that the Americans will have to win 11 races while Team New Zealand only has to win nine.

Along with the two-point penalty, wing sail trimmer Dirk de Ridder was banished.

Meanwhile, New Zealand has looked strong in qualifying for the America's Cup. It dominated Italy's Luna Rossa in the challenger series by winning the best-of-13 final, 7-1.

Given New Zealand's good form and the Oracle's penalty, the Kiwis appear poised to reclaim the America's Cup.

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