Bret Bielema Pinata May Haunt Your Dreams, Possibly Contains Delicious Candy

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 4, 2013

Some clever Wisconsin fans have found a way to take out their aggression on former Badgers coach Bret Bielema, by taking hacks at a creepy piñata. 

The Big Lead spotted the following images over on Reddit, featuring a piñata crafted in Bielema's likeness. 

For comparison, here is the coach with a slightly smaller head. 

Bielema was Wisconsin's head coach from 2006-2012, but it was the manner of his departure that may have nudged some fans to have an arts-and-crafts session to produce a giant head they could bash. 

As ESPN reported last December, Bielema jumped at the chance to coach the University of Arkansas—right before his then-Badgers were preparing to feature in the Rose Bowl. 

Don't worry, Coach. I'm sure the fans and students will forgive and forget. 

Arkansas enjoyed their cupcake game against Louisiana-Lafayette to open the season, beating the Ragin' Cajuns, 34-14. 

The Badgers had similar success to start the year, taking down Massachusetts, 45-0. So you might think goodwill filled the air back on campus. 

It seems fans are ready for another home game this weekend against Tennessee Tech, and one that will feature a faux Bielema. 

At least, that's when we assume this piñata will make its debut. From there, we fully expect a school official to bring the students in to talk a little bit about pride. 

Now that you have built that beautiful sculpture, it's time to take a stick to it and watch the treats rain down in one amazing explosion. 

Strap on your blindfolds, bring a big stick and remember to provide enough bags for everyone to enjoy. If you could stuff that thing with a bunch of fun-size Snickers, I would consider it a personal favor. 


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