Goldust Saves Hornswoggle! Return Of The Oddities Stable!?

Joseph DanielCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

I don't know why but I was looking through my old WWF tape yesterday morning and I ran across The Oddities in my Summerslam 99 video.

You remember those guys right. A stable that contained such wrestling legends as Golga, Luna Vachon, Kurrgan, & The ICP. Who would forget? (yea that was sarcasm)

Well I was thinking to myself with WWE going PG what if they did something like that in the modern day WWE? It would be fun.

Now granted the orginal stable didn't set the world on fire and at times was just downright bizarre it was still fun to watch those guys make goofs of themselves.

Well as luck would have it I was watching WWE superstars last night and watching poor Hornswoggle about to get killed by Show. And then to my shock who should hit the ring for the save but GOLDUST!?

I though it would be Cena or perhaps even a repackaged Festus but it was Goldust of all people. Well guess what flashed through my head when he made the save? That's right The Oddities.

I thought if there was ever a time to resurrect The Oddities stable in the WWE it would be right now. There are four superstars on Raw right now that could pull it off at least for a little while.

Much like The Oddities of Summerslam 99 they could make this summer a fun one we might actually remember. (even if it ends up being in our nightmares)

Who are the four stars who would fill out this stable you ask!?

Well first there's Hornswoggle and Goldust themselves. Hornswoggle is...well a midget who supposedly lives under the ring and strives on oddball mischief. Well definitely fits in the oddball range.

Goldust is one of the strangest and most  bizarre characters to ever hit the WWE ring. Any man who wears skintight leather (shudder) paints himself gold and occasionally wears womes length hairs is most definitely odd. He could be a ringleader of sorts.

Then there's Festus. Festus is the "muscle" of the group. I can just imagine now Goldust carrying around a bell and sicking Festus on his enemies. Festus would fit right in.

And finally every good stable needs a valet. Who better than SANTINA MARELLA!? "Santina" would make the perfect woman for The Oddities and her victory celebrations with the group would be classic.

For extra hilarity whenever Santino is confronted about being in the group he can outright deny it. He could even start a "feud" with Goldust because do not ah-aprove of his "sister" in the group.

This is just the beginning four for the group though. If they stick around long enough they could add The Great Khali down the road. He's the perfect sideshow giant. (special group version of The Khali Kiss Kham!)

Or if WWE forgets about him again this would be the perfect outlet for more Charlie Hass impersonations (though personally I DO hope WWE takes him seriously)

And let's not forget Smackdowns resident high flying redneck Jimmy Wang Yang!

Regardless I may be reading into Goldust saving Hornswoggle too much but then again I might not. WWE has to have something to entertain their younger audience and give us adults a laugh every now and then.

This would definitely be a good way to do that. As long as WWE doesn't shove it down our throats this could be the funnest stable in years and a fine road to travel.

Who knows what do you think? Is it a bad idea? Good idea? You could care less? Let me know. I'm out.



~ Joe D