High School Football Player Gets Helmet Twisted Backward, Runs into a Big Hit

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“I’m blind out there, Coach!”

This high school football player could’ve ran the ball with a sleeping mask on and still would've had a better sense of direction on this handoff

In a bizarre chance incident, a high school running back ended up racking up positive yardage after having his helmet twisted a full 180 degrees. Naturally, his blind run ended in a nasty hit and was immediately uploaded to the Internet for our enjoyment.

Footage of the strange event was spotted by Ronald Harakha of NextImpulseSports.com, and believe me when I say that this kid has a pair of tungsten-plated guavas for blindly charging into the lunging shoulder pads of the opposition.

According to YouTube user @JtSaidThis, the ball-carrier in question is Christian Young of Viewmont High in Bountiful, Utah. Based on this information, we can conclude Young is a real-life television character who’s living out a zany high school experience in Bountiful—the quaintest little town in the state of Utah.

With that said, even a television writer would hesitate to write a scene like the one Young lived during this game.

The ridiculousness began at the line of scrimmage, where Young’s helmet was reversed while breaking a tackle in the backfield. While his would-be tackler failed to bring the running back down, he managed to twist Young’s facemask around, leaving him staring directly into the back end of his helmet. 

Not one to give up (or sacrifice a moment of potential YouTube gold), Young hustled onward, burning up yardage and attempting to flip his gear around. To his credit, he managed to make it five yards before getting pasted by a safety.

Was this some kind of whacky Even Stevens remake? Nope—just a compelling argument for why you should always batten your chinstrap down tightly before taking the field.

Fortunately for Young, the strange incident didn’t result in injury.

Unfortunately for the viewing public, Young didn't turn out to be Shia LaBeouf when he took off his helmet.


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