Formula For a Successful Redskins Season: Part Two of Four

Ed SheahinCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

Change No. 2: Creating Havoc On Pass Defense

The Redskins had 24 sacks the entire 2008 season (or a little more than one per game).  That will not win you football games in the NFL.

Fortunately for the Redskins, they did not trade up in the draft to select QB Mark Sanchez of USC.  Although he is talented, it would have set the franchise back five years or more.  Instead, Texas DE/LB Brian Orakpo landed in their laps.

The last time the Redskins had a talent like Orapko—LB LaVar Arrington from Penn State—it was wasted. Greg Williams, the team's defensive coordinator at the time, made the mistake of forcing a supremely talented player to fit in to his system rather than building the system around the player.

Current Defensive Coordinator Greg Blache, does not possess the same ego as Williams, and hopefully learned from the mistakes made by his predecessor. 

Blessed with incredible strength in combination with a rare form of athletic ability for a man his size, Orapko fits the mold of the so called "hybrid defender", DE/LB (i.e. Hugh Douglas, Jason Taylor, Lawrence Taylor, and Derrick Thomas) that rarely comes along in the league.  

If used in the same manner as the Giants utilized Lawrence Taylor, Orapko has the ability to wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks—something the Redskins have not achieved since the Charles Mann era.