5 Former Tag Teams That Deserve Another Run in WWE

Travis WakemanCorrespondent IISeptember 3, 2013


Is tag team wrestling really coming back in WWE? Something that not long ago seemed like a lost art is making a push to be a feature of the company once more.

Currently, WWE has The Shield, The Wyatt Family, The Real Americans, The Prime Time Players, 3MB, Tons of Funk and The Usos on the roster. That's more tag teams than they have had in what seems like forever.

On top of that, they have been foreshadowing the pending debut of Los Matadores for weeks now.

The WWE tag team division is getting more and more interesting, and the increasing number of teams and the competition it creates leads to the tag team titles being much more important than in years past.

Remember when WWE not only had a list of main tag teams but also a second and even a third tier of teams?

There was a time when tag teams were more than aplenty in WWE, and the competition was very fierce. Could a formula like that work today?

Instead of WWE pairing two established stars together and giving them a name like Air Boom, it's important they build teams from the ground up as they've done with The Shield and the Wyatts.

However, another idea would be to look toward the not-so-distant past to see if there is a team or two that could be brought back into the fold.

Here is a look at some former teams who could fit that mold.


Cryme Tyme

One half of this tag team, JTG, is still with WWE today, doing basically nothing. His former partner, Shad Gaspard, has been out of the company for nearly three years.

Cryme Tyme debuted in the fall of 2006, and the team would go on to have mild success during their time together in WWE. Most importantly, they were a big hit with the crowd.

The Prime Time Players would draw many comparisons to Cryme Tyme, but that isn't reason enough not to have them around. Besides, a great feud could be made out of it.

If JTG is going to remain on the roster, Shad should be brought back. If not, JTG is basically worthless.


Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder

Both of these men are still on the active roster and, collectively, are lucky to get a match on Superstars. Why not give them both a new direction?

Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder made a very good tag team together. They started in WWE as The Major Brothers before aligning themselves with Edge, which even led to a run with the tag team titles.

Inexplicably, the team was split up as WWE tried to make singles stars out of the two men. Ryder would have much more success in that department, but he is rarely seen on television at the moment.

Pairing these two together would resurrect both of their careers and add solid depth to the growing tag team division.


Paul London and Brian Kendrick

Paul London and Brian Kendrick would be on a very short list of most entertaining tag teams in WWE history.

The problem for them was they were champions at a time when tag team wrestling was not a focal point in WWE.

Though they held the WWE Tag Team titles for nearly a full year, there wasn't much competition.

Whether they would be open to a comeback or if WWE officials would be interested would be a big question, but many fans would likely be happy to see them return.

London and Kendrick versus The Shield or The Usos would be excellent to watch.


La Resistance

This was another solid tag team that just came around at the wrong time.

The team started out as Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier, and it didn't take long for them to become World Tag Team champions.

A few months later, Robert Conway was added to the group, billed as a French sympathizer. Eventually, the decision was made to take Dupree out of the group and go on with Conway and Grenier as a tag team.

Conway and Grenier went on to win the World tag team titles together three times. However, the minimal competition seemed to be the biggest thing that brought this team down.

With WWE not putting any kind of emphasis on tag team wrestling, Conway and Grenier were split up as well.

In today's WWE, any combination of these three men reforming La Resistance could be very interesting. A feud between them and the incoming Los Matadores could go a long way.


World's Greatest Tag Team

Two excellent athletes, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, were one of the most technically advanced tag teams in WWE history.

Both men possessed a solid amateur wrestling background, and behind the leadership of Kurt Angle, the two men got off to a great start in WWE, which led to two WWE tag team title runs.

Both men have been out of WWE for more than three years, and Haas has since announced his retirement from the business. However, another run in WWE, even if it were a short one, could entice him to come back.

How good would a match between The Real Americans and World's Greatest Tag Team be if WWE gave it the time and effort it deserved?