Craziest Twitter Predictions for 2013 MLB Postseason

Peter Panacy@@PeterPanacyFeatured Columnist IVSeptember 4, 2013

Jose Canseco is no stranger to strange tweets.
Jose Canseco is no stranger to strange tweets.Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe Jose Canseco makes this list of some of the craziest Twitter predictions for the 2013 Major League Baseball postseason.

In fact, you can probably bet on it.

Athletes, radio personalities and even fans can make some oddball predictions when it comes to figuring out exactly what happens during October baseball.  While many predictions from experts and analysts are often based in sound logic, some of these estimated guesses—and I use that term loosely—are just plain goofy.

Thankfully, the Twitter universe gives fans a glimpse of what some of these people are saying and what their predictions are.  How serious are they?  Who knows?  If their Twitter account says it, they must have thought it unless, of course, their Twitter account was hacked by some rogue pundit.

Yeah right.

All Things Yankees

For most of the baseball world, it would seem strange if the Yankees do not make the playoffs in 2013.  I am sure most New York fans feel that it is a divine right of the team to be in October baseball given their historic franchise, all those championships, etc.

Well, this year it may not happen.

As of September 2, the Yankees are eight games out of the American League East and two games back of a wild-card spot.

Not SportsCenter, a parody of the well-known ESPN show, had a funny crack-up looking at what the Yankees, no stranger to controversy this year, are asking of MLB.

Okay, so the Yankees are obviously not asking for more wild-card spots, but at least it is funny to think they would.


Fans Won't See A-Rod in the Postseason

I hate to beat a dead horse here, but how can we talk about playoff baseball and the Yankees without bringing up Alex Rodriguez?

Remember Rodriguez being taken out of the Yankees' lineup last year in the postseason?  If "Mr. October" was the term to describe former Yankee great Reggie Jackson, then Rodriguez could be called...

When is his suspension up again?  He can be called "Mr. That Month."

Twitter has also not taken too kindly to Rodriguez, and there are plenty of things that could be said regarding what he will be doing this postseason.

One New York fan had this to say about Rodriguez and the Yankees' hopes for October baseball.

The Yankees may have to get in contact with the San Jose Sharks of the NHL to make that happen, at least if they want to be in the postseason. 


Of course, let us play the hypothetical scenario of Rodriguez actually playing in the World Series again like baseball blogger Jeff Sullivan sarcastically states.

Would that not be the Cinderella story?

Rodriguez cannot catch a break.  It is up to everyone else to discuss whether or not he deserves one.


How Are the Blue Jays Looking?

It is hard to fault a fan who does not know much about baseball asking a simple question.

Yet a fan of the lone baseball team north of the border may need to check the standings before posting a tweet asking what their playoff chances were on September 2.

Well @Burrfect14, Toronto is not technically eliminated yet so yes, the team making the postseason is still a mathematical possibility.  Who knows?  Maybe someday the Toronto Maple Leafs will win another Stanley Cup. 

Anything is possible.


What Happened in Philadelphia?

Along the lines of anything being possible, I suppose someone could make the argument that the Philadelphia Phillies are still legitimate contenders for the National League East crown.

After all, they are only 22.5 games back within the division as of September 2. 

A tweet from @zoowithroy links to an article he wrote for stating 10 reasons why Philadelphia will make the 2013 playoffs. 

Apparently, it seems as if Sports has bought into the argument via a retweet from August 27.

Yeah, the Phillies were still out of any postseason race at that point too.  Where is the buzzer when you need it?

Sorry, this is a laugher.  Let go of this season.  It is okay. 


Oh, Harold Reynolds

Unlike a lot of baseball pundits, I actually like Harold Reynolds of MLB Network

While he may not be the most popular baseball analyst, he does offer some unique perspective. 

One of his many insights tagged the Chicago White Sox as a team to watch down the stretch. 

Reynolds does not have a Twitter account, yet @HeardOnMLBT responded to this prediction on an August 25 tweet.

Just over a week later, Chicago finds itself in last place in the American League Central, 25 games out in the standings.

Reynolds got this one wrong.  It is probably a good thing he did not take to Twitter to announce this prediction.


Jose Can You See?

This is going to be a harder one to fathom.  Still, it is pretty crazy.

Jose Canseco might have been correct about something for once.

Canseco tweeted back on June 12 that the Cleveland Indians needed to add one more quality starter and they would find themselves in the postseason. 

Come the trading deadline, what did the Indians do?  Not much.

Instead the Indians, lacking a deep rotation, find themselves 7.5 games out in the division as of September 2.  Even though they could still make a push, perhaps even in the wild card, it would be a much safer bet to assume the Indians once again miss October baseball this year.

Maybe Canseco knows what he is talking about after all.

I think I just chuckled a bit.

Okay, so it is just Twitter, and I am sure there have been plenty of players, coaches and analysts that can look back at some of their predictions and say they got it wrong.

While their own individual tweets and assumptions can be asinine at times, even fan tweets can give us some laughs.  They can also give a little insight into how people are feeling about various individuals and teams.

Some are crazy and some are odd.  Certainly there will be more as the playoffs draw near.

In the meantime, the rest of us can sit back and laugh a little.

It is just Twitter after all.


Peter Panacy is a featured columnist for Bleacher Report.  Follow him @PeterMcShots on Twitter.



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