NBA 2K14: Predicting the Teams That Will Be Most Popular Online

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 4, 2013

image from NBA 2K14 trailer
image from NBA 2K14 trailer

When NBA 2K14 is released on October 1 for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, what team will you play with online?

When you read the headline of this article, the first team that probably popped in your head was the two-time defending champion Miami Heat. While gamers who look for more of a challenge—or perhaps carry their hate for the Heat to the virtual court—may elect to choose other teams, many gamers will pick the Heat when playing online.

With cover athlete and best player on the planet LeBron James in South Beach, Miami will always be a popular choice.

Besides the obvious, there are a few other teams with rosters that are shaping up to be quite potent, too. Here's a look at squads that will likely be in heavy rotation in the NBA 2K14 community.


Chicago Bulls

Derrick Rose is coming back, and so is the Bulls' stifling defense. With Rose almost a lock to have the "One-Man Fast Break" signature skill and possibly a few others, the team has its superstar back.

It was terribly heartbreaking for a Bulls fan like myself to play online without Rose. Hopefully we won't have to this year.

Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and Carlos Boozer give the Bulls nice secondary options, and don't sleep on Mike Dunleavy Jr. as a three-point bomber off the bench. With defense seemingly getting a lot of respect from the developers this year, the Bulls will have their share of fans online.


Golden State Warriors

Gamers who love to run and gun will love the Warriors. Stephen Curry is a lights-out shooter, and so is Klay Thompson. Add in a do-it-all posterizer like Andre Iguodala, and the Warriors will be fun to play with.

Defensively they may have some issues, but Iguodala and Andrew Bogut will help with that.

The Warriors have a cool factor around the NBA right now, and I'd be willing to bet that translates to gamers in the NBA 2K community.


Brooklyn Nets

Though many fans complain about them in real life, gamers love superstar team-ups. Brooklyn's starting five of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Brook Lopez is just begging to be selected by a wave of gamers online.

Add in Jason Terry as the sixth man, and this team will be deadly. Which New York team will be the most popular online? To quote KRS-One: "Brooklyn keeps on taking it." 


Houston Rockets

Fans may not like Dwight Howard, but people like to win when they play video games. Come to think of it, fans of real basketball are that way too. If the real Howard produces as much as the virtual Howard figures to, real fans will probably soften their disdain for the big man.

Howard was a beastly force on NBA 2K13and he'll be just as good if not better in NBA 2K14.

Add in a bomber like James Harden and a glue guy like Chandler Parsons, and the Rockets pass the online sniff test. 


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