NBA 2K14: Dynamic Living Rosters Will Improve Realism and Presentation

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 3, 2013

image from NBA 2K14 Facebook
image from NBA 2K14 Facebook

Things in the NBA change on almost a nightly basis. Perhaps the only sport that is more mercurial is baseball. If a video game is going to keep up with the league's events, it needs a system in place that works almost in real time.

Roster updates were the first step to bring the NBA 2K series updated player information. The next step was Living Rosters, which was conceptually solid, but still had a few holes.

In an attempt to address Living Rosters' shortcomings, NBA 2K14 is set to get all dynamic on us. By adding the "dynamic" adjective to the Living Rosters concept, the series is primed to offer the best example of updated information the NBA 2K community has ever seen.

Here's a look at the video explaining the enhanced feature.

Speed is big in the real game and it is key to maximizing the effectiveness of this feature. I'm not referencing swiftness of foot and hands; in this instance, rapidly reflecting player movement and on-court trends is essential.

The thought that gamers will be able to see traded or signed players appear with their new teams a day or two after the transaction is exciting. The same goes for injuries, suspensions and other causes of absence.

Perhaps even more exciting is the possibility of seeing players suffer through slumps and enjoy hot streaks in accordance to their real-life counterparts. With the help of STATS Inc., the NBA 2K series could be set to incorporate advanced statistics to add even more realism to its gameplay.

How deep will the statistics run? We don't know for sure yet, but I'd love to see things like field-goal percentage off the dribble, spot-up shooting percentage and shooting percentage when moving right or left reflected.

These are the types of statistics NBA teams are using to scout players, so why not have them represented in the game?

In addition to the aspects that impact gameplay, Dynamic Living Rosters could also positively affect the presentation. Capturing changing hairstyles, uniform accessories and other details would be awesome.

For example, when Dwyane Wade dropped the People's Elbow on Kobe Bryant's face and forced him to wear the Hannibal Lecter mask, Bryant's appearance was obviously changed for that portion of the season.

If Dynamic Living Rosters captured accessory changes due to injuries, style and other factors, it would break ground in the area of roster updates. Obviously the accessory would likely have to be included in the game to begin with, but things like facemasks, bandages, headbands and braces are all included now.

Though this hasn't been mentioned and could be part of the second or third version of the Dynamic Living Rosters concept, or possibly not at all, there is no question it would be an amazing addition to the game. 

As it stands, I'm excited about the concept and can't wait to get more information on the ins and outs of Dynamic Living Rosters.


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