WWE Night of Champions 2013: Feuds Destined to Disappoint at PPV

Daine Pavloski@@dpavloskiAnalyst IISeptember 4, 2013

WWE Night of Champions 2013: Feuds Destined to Disappoint at PPV

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    Nails on a chalkboard, when the store doesn't have your favorite ice cream or Big E Langston's singlet. 

    Oh, I'm sorry, I thought you asked what's worse than a disappointing feud in professional wrestling.

    Whlie the things listed above are pretty awful, there aren't many things as upsetting to the WWE Universe as a feud that has no direction. 

    At WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view in a couple weeks, there are going to be a lot of disappointed fans as they watch WWE's lackluster card of competition. 

    Here are a few of the feuds that are destined to disappoint at Night of Champions.

5. CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman

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    CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman is an amazing feud on paper. Heck, it's an amazing feud on the mic alone. In the ring? Not so much. Especially considering the absence of "The Beast," Brock Lesnar. 

    The feud between Heyman and his boys has been one of the most emotional, ruthless and intense feuds we've seen in some time. The scathing promos between these former friends have made this feud one of the best and brutal match between Brock and Punk really pushed it into the upper echelon. 

    So, how do you perpetuate the feud? What's the best way to keep it rolling? Keep Punk and Heyman rolling on the mic? Check. Keep the feud hot with ruthless encounters and beatdowns? Check. Bring in Curtis Axel to replace Lesnar? Check.


    The match between CM Punk and the team of Axel and Heyman will be decent, but it will be more of a vehicle for Punk to get his hands on Heyman than a match. Remember Cena vs. Michael Cole as a main event? Kind of like that. 

    While Punk and Axel can indeed go in the ring, this feud will disappoint because it won't live up to what we've seen between Punk and Heyman so far. The bad blood between these two has been boiling for weeks, but replacing "The Best vs. The Beast" with "The Best vs. Team Mcgill-Walrus" will be sure to disappoint fans at the Joe at Night of Champions. 

4. Triple H vs. Daniel Bryan

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    Next up, the biggest thing happening in the WWE, Triple H and his new corporation, against the bearded charmer, Daniel Bryan. Bryan and H have been butting heads for a very long time and Bryan will take another run at Randy Orton's title at Night of Champions. 

    This feud has been solid, starting out of a controversial ending to SummerSlam, featuring some awesome promos and rekindling one of the WWE's best angles ever; a Superstar vs. The Corporation. But will it be solid at Night of Champions? No. 

    With Cena still on the bench with an injury for a few more months, this feud has to last. Therefore, because Night of Champions isn't exactly a marquee pay-per-view, this one won't be solved in Detroit, which is unfortunate for fans at the Joe Louis Arena and the WWE Universe. 

    The encounter between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan, which is really more about Triple H and D-Bry, will be extremely similar to what we've seen for the last few weeks. Bryan does good, Triple H screws him over in some way (sending in The Shield, making a stipulation, etc.) and Randy Orton emerges victorious while doing little to no work. 

    Bryan will eventually get the better of Triple H and his new corporation, but it most likely won't happen until Survivor Series, which means that Night of Champions won't have much to offer that's different from what we've seen so far, which isn't what fans should expect from a pay-per-view. 


3. The Shield vs. Anyone

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    The Shield was once a dominant force. They pulled no punches and would hand out their special brand of justice to anyone in anyway that they saw fitting. But oh how the mighty have fallen. Now, a trio that prided itself on having no allegiance and attacking anyone who they thought deserved it, are all of a sudden lapdogs to the boss. 

    What happened to The Shield?

    Instead of #BelieveInTheShield, Twitter users (tweeters?) should be using #BelieveInWhateverTripleHTellsTheShield. The Shield will most likely find their way onto the card for Night of Champions with groundwork laid for Ambrose to take on Dolph Ziggler and Rollins and Reigns to most likely be challenged by the Primetime Players.

    It doesn't matter who The Shield faces, it'll be disappointing. Not so much the matches, because, honestly, The Shield rarely puts on a bad show. No, the disappointing element will be the fact that they have no feud.

    These youngsters are some of the most talented and exciting superstars on the roster and they deserve to be put into a program that gives them a chance to do what they do best; walk the walk and talk the talk. 



2. AJ vs. the Divas

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    Two Raws ago, the current Divas Champion AJ Lee cut one of the best promos of the year and certainly one of the best Diva promos of all time. She cut into the other Divas on the roster, who are only in the WWE because they couldn't make it as actresses and really turned some heads backstage. 

    Fast forward to this week's Raw and she gets 1. Jumped by all of the Total Divas ladies and 2. Informed that she would have to defend her title in a fatal fourway at Night of Champions. 


    AJ has been great as the WWE Divas Champion and has really revitalized the Divas and given the whole division a bit of an edge. But, after the WWE got Total Divas rolling, all of the work AJ has been doing has been erased. Divas are getting matches just to satisfy a reality show and wrestling hardly has any role in the whole situation. 

    AJ's in-ring skill can't save this match, which can't really be called a feud. The segment of time given to this match on the Night of Champions card will automatically be way too much. It's not even about the WWE, it's instead about a reality show that shares a channel with Keeping Up With the Kardashians. 

    There is only one word that will be used to describe this feud and it's segment at Night of Champions; disappointing. 

1. Alberto Del Rio vs. Rob Van Dam

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    The new corporation, as Triple H would say, is "good for business."

    How can the WWE Universe not enjoy the rekindling of one of the best angles in WWE history? What isn't good for business however, is everything and everyone not involved in the Daniel Bryan-Triple H feud, especially Alberto Del Rio and Rob Van Dam. 

    ADR vs. RVD has what it takes to be a strong feud. RVD has been a great babyface since his huge return at Money in the Bank and after turning heel again with a brutal beatdown of Dolph Ziggler, Del Rio has really found his niche with the WWE Universe.

    Unfortunately for both of them, no one will really care at Night of Champions.

    With all of the attention on Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, there isn't much space open for RVD and ADR. It doesn't help that the feud has awkwardly stumbled along after Christian missed his opportunity at "one more match." Throw into the mix the randomest random move ever of having Ricardo join forces with RVD and, ladies and gentleman, we have ourselves some serious potential for disappointment at Night of Champions.