5 Skills Danny Welbeck Still Needs to Master

Max TowleAnalyst ISeptember 3, 2013

5 Skills Danny Welbeck Still Needs to Master

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    Danny Welbeck has had a strong start to the season, but he is not there yet.

    The forward showed how good he can be with his deft chip over Swansea City goalkeeper Michel Vorm in Manchester United's opening 4-1 win.

    But serious doubts remain over his ability to take that final step to becoming a consistent member of the first team.

    Here are 5 skills he still needs to develop.


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    To say Danny Welbeck's finishing needs to improve would be too easy.

    He already has a powerful shot and has proved himself technically adroit by finding the back of the net. However, it's been a lack of composure in the box that has let him down.

    Too often he has found himself in good positions and panicked, allowing pressure to get the better of him.

    This may be a factor of his young age, and is something that will go away as he matures as a footballer and as a person.

    If not, he runs the risk of becoming another case of the talented forward who never really mastered the art of scoring goals. 


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    Consistency isn't necessarily a skill per se, but in football, it can either make or break a promising player's career.

    Welbeck has already shown he is capable of greatness, both playing for the Red Devils and the England national team.

    But he is yet to show that form over the course of a 38+ game campaign.

    Last season he scored a paltry two goals in 40 appearances, but the term before that he struck 11 times in the Premier League alone.

    In short, the enigma tag is one to avoid.


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    The need for Danny Welbeck to develop his footballing maturity will be referenced several times in this article.

    One aspect of that is his decision-making in key areas of the pitch.

    He has shown a tendency to hold on to the ball for too long, or chosen the wrong pass when a better one was available.

    Needless to say, Welbeck works hard off the ball and is tenacious when snapping at opposing defenders' heels, but with it he can look indecisive.

    This one's up to David Moyes and the coaching staff to amend.



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    If Danny Welbeck is to transition into more of an attacking midfielder, he needs to become a true creative outlet.

    He needs to be able to spot a marauding run and play an inch-perfect slide-rule pass. He has to be able to maneuver on the edge of the box with comfort.

    In essence, he must become proficient in one-touch football. 

    This also comes down to being more imaginative.

    If David Moyes is to persist in leaving Shinji Kagawa out of the team, the onus will fall on other members of the Red Devils' squad.

    Here is an opportunity for Welbeck to justify his place in the side.


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    As with the previous slide, if Moyes wants Welbeck to be a versatile threat, his ability to play on the wings will also need to improve.

    The Red Devils' ability to get into good positions on the flanks will become increasingly vital under the Scotsman.

    Welbeck is a skillful player, but he isn't as proficient at beating defenders one-on-one.

    His crossing ability is also comparatively poor with some of the league's other attacking midfielders and wingers.

    But he is British, so will get plenty of playing time in this new regime.