Predicting 2013-14 Stat Lines for Each Incoming 5-Star Freshman

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Predicting 2013-14 Stat Lines for Each Incoming 5-Star Freshman
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Everything involved with college athletic recruiting is, to put it mildly, an inexact science.

Players expected to become our next great pro-sports icons get exposed as homesick kids and poor decision-makers every year.

Conversely, the underhyped and undersized kid from the small high school gets added to a university's roster almost as an afterthought and becomes a bigger star than anyone in his class. Remember, Rivals ranked Trey Burke behind Villanova's Tyrone Johnson, Xavier's Dee Davis and Oregon's Brett Kingma coming out of high school.

So, when we gaze into the future and project how this season's blue-chip prospects will fare in their opening seasons, it's not just the player's talent level that determines his success.

How does he fit in the coach's system?

Will the player work well with his teammates or spend every game trying to show off for the NBA scouts?

Will he put in the academic work to stay eligible?

Predicting who'll become a starter is often hard enough. Predicting stat lines? That crystal ball is a whole other level of hazy.

But, we'll try it anyway to have a little fun. Commenters are encouraged to take it as such, rather than charging with pitchforks drawn.


*The 22 players herein are the ones rated as 5-star prospects by ESPN Recruiting Nation.

*Names are presented alphabetically. Photos courtesy of 247 Sports, unless otherwise noted.

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