Wrestling Training Diary: In The Beginning

David BowstonCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

Every wrestling fan's childhood dream is to become a WWE wrestler, we have all dreamt of that moment where you've just kicked your most hated heel's ass, got the diva and most importantly walked away with the title.

Weather it is a boy hood pact from the future tag champs or creating a bad attempt at yourself on one of WWE's games, most of us, in our heads, have become a wrestling God as JBL would say.

Personally I used to create a stable with myself and Trish Stratus and pump my guy up with ridiculous tattoo's and wresling attire that anyone would be embarassed to be seen in. But what we so rarely think about is how one would go about getting there, the training, the workouts.

From June 1st until the start of September I will be using a mix of different WWE superstars both current and past to try and get that beefed up body the men and women work so hard to achieve in order for us to be entertained...and in some cases *cough*Kelly Kelly*cough*....em...turned on.

It isn't just for the looks, you can't just walk into a wrestling ring and belly to belly suplex somebody, you have to have the bulging biceps, monstorous deltoids and huge hamstrings that we see week in, week out.

Each week the diary will contain how much weight (hopefully muscle) I gain, lose or simply stay the same, the food I have and obviously each weeks workout just to see how tough it really is.

In the words of Ron Burgundy,

You stay classy Bleacher Report. D.