CM Punk's Feud with Paul Heyman Must End at Night of Champions

Sharon GlencrossContributor ISeptember 2, 2013

CM Punk, back when he was WWE champion (photo from
CM Punk, back when he was WWE champion (photo from

At Night of Champions CM Punk will take on Curtis Axel and Paul Heyman in a handicap bout that will hopefully be the end of their feud.

The program between Paul Heyman and CM Punk has produced some great promos, memorable segments and, thanks to Punk clashing with Heyman's henchman Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, a truly great match.

So why wrap it up now, you may ask?

Well, for one thing, Axel is a poor replacement for Lesnar.

The bland Axel isn't anything close to the former UFC Heavyweight champion in terms of star power or charisma, something that has become increasingly obvious over the last few weeks.

You know things are bad when Paul Heyman is in your corner and you still come off as boring.

Axel is a decent wrestler, but he doesn't have much more going for him than that. And he can't really carry his end of this program.

Another argument for ending the Heyman/Punk storyline at Night of Champions is that their feud ran its course at SummerSlam. Anything after that is just dragging things out to give these guys something to actually do.

While Heyman and Axel brutally beating up Punk on Monday with a kendo stick was rather gripping, what purpose did it serve for the angle, other than ensuring Punk woke up in a tremendous amount of pain the next day?

We already know the former ECW owner is heinous and deplorable and that Punk can withstand heaps of punishment. Where exactly is the storyline development here supposed to be?

It doesn't help that, at this point, Punk and Heyman seem to be indulging themselves on the mic.

If Punk's not unprofessionally lashing out at fans for—GASP—daring to boo him, Heyman's talking about how he saved his former friend's career back in OVW in 2005. Oh, and how many times do we have to hear Punk claim he is “The Best in the World”?

(And he's not even being accurate, depending on how highly you regard Daniel Bryan, A.J. Styles or Hiroshi Tanahashi.)

Again, who really cares about these obnoxious, long-winded promos where Punk and Heyman take 20 minutes to say what could be said in five?

Anyone who thinks Triple H cuts lengthy promos really needs to hear these two talk.

Punk, and to a lesser extent Heyman, seemingly use their mic time to air their various grievances to the world and, frankly, that stopped being fun to listen to a while ago.

People wondering why the former WWE champion has fallen so far behind Bryan as a babyface need to take note of this: Similar to Punk, Bryan is an exceptional talker. However, unlike Punk, he doesn't alienate most of the audience with an insufferable work/shoot promo style that peaked in 2011.

It's apt time for both Punk and Heyman to move on now. Ideally, Night of Champions will be their last showdown.

And, please, no more talking about the people in OVW who wanted to fire Punk back in 2005.