Power Ranking Premier League Clubs' Mascots

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIISeptember 11, 2013

Power Ranking Premier League Clubs' Mascots

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    Premier League teams don't have just superstar players, club nicknames and interesting managers; they have mascots too. We're taking a look at all the mascots in the Premier League this season and just how good they are.

    How do you rank the quality of a mascot, you ask?

    Their name, their appearance and how well those two relate to the respective teams are all important.

    There'll be plenty of interesting names, and costumes to look at, so let's see how the Premier League mascots rank.

20. Everton: Changy the Elephant

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    Changy the Elephant was Everton's latest try at a mascot, and it's no wonder he's last on the list.

    Elephants certainly don't have anything in common with Everton. The fact that it was a obviously part of some attempt at marketing from the club's sponsors, Chang Beer, means it's hard to take seriously.

    It is a decent-looking elephant though.


19. Fulham: Billy the Badger

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    Given their nicknames (the Cottagers, the Whites, the Lilywhites), there isn't much Fulham could have done in terms of a mascot.

    Billy the Badger wasn't a good way to go. He's been a little mischievous, which always makes for good entertainment, but he's not the best fit.

18. Manchester City: Moonchester and Moonbeam

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    Weird alien creatures who touch down in Manchester only to follow the second-best team in the city? 

    That's the premise behind Manchester City mascots Moonchester and Moonbeam. Their names are odd and they look even odder. Not sure what Manchester City were thinking with this.

17. Cardiff City: Bartley

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    Cardiff City's mascot situation is a bit strange at the moment, thanks to the actions of their new owners. 

    Bartley Blue is above. He's a different type of mascot from teams with animals as part of their nicknames. It doesn't seem like he'll be around any longer given the mascot we're seeing in this link.

    Cardiff City wear red now, so Bartley, if that's still his name, isn't too off-putting in his new outfit. The club are still known as the Bluebirds though, so that makes things interesting. 

16. Southampton: Sammy Saint

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    Southampton's mascot, Sammy Saint, delights crowds with his halftime antics, but is he a good decision as far as mascots go?

    We're not really sure what breed of dog Sammy is, but logic suggests a St. Bernard. A saint of some kind may not have been much better, but this still isn't the best mascot.

15. West Bromwich Albion: Baggie Bird and Baggie Bird Jr.

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    We get that West Bromwich Albion are nicknamed the Baggies. We get that the Throstle is on WBA's crest.

    We don't get Baggie Bird and Baggie Bird Jr.

    At least the other mascots on this list have animal-like appearances, not to mention somewhat decent names. Baggie Bird and Baggie Bird Jr. just don't cut it.


14. Manchester United: Fred the Red

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    Manchester United probably didn't want anything more devilish associated with the club when they decided on Fred the Red's name. They probably shouldn't have gone ahead with the costume then.

    Fred's supposed to be a little devil, but all we see is something that looks like a small-horned Alvin from the chipmunks with red hair and a messed-up tail. If you are going to depict the Red Devils in your mascot, then don't shy away. 

    Look at the different variations of the Duke University Blue Devils mascot for some inspiration. Or find a new mascot.

13. Stoke City: Pottermus

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    Stoke City's nickname, the Potters, didn't come about thanks to a large population of hippos in the area. Stoke was clever in using some part of that to create a child-friendly mascot, but that still doesn't mean it's one of the better mascots.

    It was an interesting choice given the general size of the Stoke City team in comparison with their opponents.


12. Norwich City: Captain Canary

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    Norwich City's Captain Canary could do with something to make him look a bit more commanding, like an actual captain's hat, but that's the only real negative for the Canaries' mascot.

    The mascot isn't necessarily an original entry from City, but it's okay.


11. Swansea City: Cyril the Swan

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    Cyril the Swan has been involved in an incident or two during his time as Swansea City's mascot. That's made him a bit more likable for fans of the club.

    We're not really looking at that here, but it's safe to say that Cyril gets pretty decent marks in terms of appearance and integration with the club.

10. Arsenal: Gunnersaurus Rex

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    Arsenal do get some points for creativity and invention with Gunnersaurus Rex. The club used one of the coolest dinosaurs and came up with an interesting mascot whose name actually kind of works.

    We're sure that's a lot better than having some guy running around in a cannon costume or something like that. Still, the extinct animal has no real relation to the Gunners, and that collar makes him look like he's trying to fit in with the goth crowd.

    Not that there's necessarily anything wrong with that. Just that it's not something you'd expect on a mascot.

9. Sunderland: Samson and Delilah

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    Sunderland mascot Samson, seen here with his significant other, Delilah, is another straightforward mascot in the Premier League.

    The Black Cats do have black cats on the crest, though they resemble lions as opposed to the household version in costumes, but it's an okay idea.

8. Newcastle: Monty and Maggie the Magpies

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    Like a few others on this list, Newcastle mascot Monty the Magpie has a significant other.

    Monty, on the right in this picture, is a pretty standard mascot coming from a team nicknamed the Magpies. He pretty much fits the bill when it comes to resemblance of his namesake.

    Monty does just fine.

7. Liverpool FC: Mighty Red

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    Liverpool unveiled their newest mascot,"the Mighty Red," last summer. The mascot is supposed to bear a resemblance to the liver bird, which is a symbol of the city of Liverpool and appears on Liverpool's crest.

    While that gets it some points, there is nothing mighty about its appearance. Decent try, though.

6. Aston Villa: Hercules the Lion

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    Aston Villa decided to give some flash to their lion, Hercules, and simulate the hair of Mufasa and Simba. He does look kind of cool just chilling to the left of the picture there.

    There's not too much wrong with Hercules, given he was probably the best option for Villa in terms of a mascot, but Chelsea's Stamford is still the better lion.

5. Hull City: Rory the Tiger

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    Rory the Tiger is set to play a more important role in Hull City's future, given the recent news about a name change from Hull City FC to Hull City Tigers.

    The tiger was already a good choice for a mascot given the club colors and nickname, though he does look a little goofy. Still a good entry from the Tigers, though.

4. Tottenham: Chirpy the Cockerel

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    Tottenham made sure to let fans know that Chirpy the Cockerel was getting a makeover, and Spurs fans should be a little happier with the new Chirpy.

    The Spurs mascot has one of the better costumes in the mascot world, though his name could be a little more inventive.

3. West Ham: Hammerhead and Bubbles the Bear

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    West Ham's new mascot, Hammerhead, comes with an interesting origin story. While he looks like Tyrion Lannister to Iron Man's Jaime Lannister, West Ham get props for letting this new mascot become part of the team.

    Bubbles the Bear is still in action, and this duo makes for a pretty good set of mascots.

2. Crystal Palace: Peter the Eagle and Alice the Eagle

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    Now that's one cool-looking eagle. Crystal Palace decided to use their most exciting nickname—not sure what they could have done with Glaziers or Palace—to create an interesting mascot.

    The sunglasses add some style to the overall look, and it certainly is one of the better mascots around.


1. Chelsea: Stamford the Lion

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    Stamford the Lion seems like a pretty cheerful mascot. It's a straightforward entry from Chelsea here, but sometimes that's all you need.

    The lion on the crest gets brought to real life through Stamford, which is not too bad a name for a lion, and he isn't outrageous, out of this world or extinct like some of his counterparts.