Villanova Basketball: Predicting Wildcats' Best Dunkers for the 2013-14 Season

Joe Tansey@JTansey90Featured ColumnistSeptember 2, 2013

Villanova Basketball: Predicting Wildcats' Best Dunkers for the 2013-14 Season

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    The terms Villanova basketball and dunking are not often used together in a sentence. 

    The Wildcats have been known for their guard play for decades, and the razzle, dazzle of dunking has never been a massive part of their game.

    However, that does not mean that the Wildcats do not have a fair amount of dunkers on their team. 

    Here is a look at four players who will steal the headlines, when the occasion presents itself, with their dunks. 

4. Kris Jenkins

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    Kris Jenkins will be one of the three new kids on the block when the 2013-14 season opens up. 

    At 6'6", the Upper Marlboro, MD native will most likely find himself coming off the bench and playing in the paint.

    With the opportunities in the paint will come plenty of chances to throw down a dunk or two. 

    As a player that can operate on the perimeter and in the paint, Jenkins' versatility will open up play on the offensive end, giving him ample chances to energize the home crowd with a slam off the bench. 

3. Daniel Ochefu

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    As the tallest man on the Villanova roster, Daniel Ochefu is a lock to be throwing down dunks during the season.

    Ochefu is expected to start at center and play at least 20 minutes per game in that role. 

    With a team full of guards that love to throw up bombs from three-point range, and also love to dish out the basketball, Ochefu will be presented with a plethora of dunking opportunities.

    Look for Ochefu to throw down the slams more after snagging offensive rebounds because of the gunning nature of guard Ryan Arcidiacono, who will have the ball in his hand a ton this season.   

2. Josh Hart

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    Just like fellow incoming freshman Jenkins, Josh Hart will have plenty of opportunities to provide a spark off the bench.

    That spark can most definitely come in the form of a dunk. 

    At 6'5", Hart is taller than most of the guards on the Wildcats roster, and with his height he should be handed a spot on the wing instead of handling the ball when coming up the court. 

    Coming off the wing will benefit Hart not only in the dunks category, but in the points and rebounds categories as well.

    Just like Ochefu, Hart could be in for a big year if he attacks the glass given the propensity of his teammates to shoot from beyond the arc.  

1. JayVaughn Pinkston

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    JayVaughn Pinkston has a plethora of expectations on his shoulders heading into the new season.

    One of those expectations placed upon his shoulders will be to lead the team in scoring.

    Where those points come from on the court is still a mystery, but it is a sure thing that some of those points each game will come from dunks. 

    Pinkston will most likely shift into a role that sees him play in the paint more often than last season because of the lack of height on the Wildcats roster. 

    With the power and height to play inside of the paint, expect plenty of Pinkston's dunks to be the powerful kind that sends the crowd at The Pavilion into an uproar. 


    Which Villanova player do you think will be the best dunker this season? 

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