Is Mick Foley Having an Identity Crisis?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

As I was watching TNA tonight, it dawned on me that Mick Foley who is an executive shareholder of TNA IMPACT, is having an identity crisis and has gone ballistic.

Maybe he's gotten hit or fell on his head too many times. Take tonight for instance, he put Eric Young in a match with Samoa Joe. All Eric did was to ask Foley for an opportunity to wrestle, so Mick puts him in the ring with the now violent, Samoa Joe.

Next he had three refs lined up in front of him, dismissed two of them, and told Earl Hubner that he thought he was a little shady, but wanted him to do him a favor. That favor was to not disqualify Samoa Joe no matter what the circumstances are. Why is he punishing Eric Young? Hubner did what he was told to do.

When TNA came on tonight, Foley came out to the ring and said a few words about TNA founder, Jeff Jarrett and then showed a DVD that he said he wasn't sure if he should air it because it gets graphic (no not a porn movie) and he didn't want the kids to see it. He finally decided to do it at the end of the show.

The cameras showed Foley in his office talking to Mr. Socko about the DVD. Now how crazy is that? Mick looks and acts crazed. He's worse now than he's ever been. Getting really demented. Guess there is a reason for his madness that only he knows.

Mick came out to the ring and ordered the camera crew to start the DVD. It was about a day in the life of Jeff Jarrett. Double J was showing a place where he had wrestled in early in his life and his grandma sold tickets there and there used to be locker rooms at one time.

The next thing you know, out of nowhere Foley throws a cord around Jeff's throat and tries to strangle him, and he was ranting and raving while he was choking him. Then comes a chair and he hits Jeff with it and tries to cripple him. He said to Jeff that it was for the 25 stitches he got.

I hope when Sting and Foley fight next Sunday night on a pay per view event, he knocks him to Kingdom Come. If sting wins he gets the belt, if Foley wins, Sting never wrestles again. Think that was Foley's idea. Some way, somehow, someone needs to put him in his place.

Double J needs to do something quick. Foley is trying to take over TNA and if someone doesn't snap him back to reality he is going to hurt someone seriously. He's gone too far and needs to be taken down a peg or two. Someone stand up to him, before it's too late.