Twitter Reacts as Gareth Bale's Move to Real Madrid Becomes Official

Will Tidey@willtideySenior Manager, GlobalSeptember 1, 2013

Twitter has been overflowing with Gareth Bale speculation over the last few months, so it's only natural the social network would go into overdrive the moment his move to Real Madrid was finalised.

It started with Tottenham manager Andre Villas-Boas confirming Bale was on his way.

Spurs themselves also confirmed the deal.

Moments later Real Madrid put out their official confirmation, through Twitter.

As for the fee, nobody seems quite sure, but friend of B/R Rob Harris is a man to be trusted on these things.

Sporting Intelligence, as usual, have done the maths.

And then came the reaction—we start with a man who played for Spurs and Barcelona himself, Gary Lineker.

Another former England striker, Michael Owen, had this to say.

Former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan jumped onto Twitter to get this out there.