Mysterio-Jericho: Jericho Looking To Break His Own Record

Bhavik DarjiCorrespondent IMay 15, 2009

After failing to qualify to win a opportunity at the Rated R Superstars World Heavyweight Championship, he blabbed off to Teddy Long in his office pushing Rey Mysterio out of the way while doing so and demanding a World title match.

Personally seeing as Jericho is 2008 Superstar of the year, first ever undisputed champion and a recorded eight time intercontinental champion I would like to see him in a world title match. He would have to earn it though.

Teddy Long didn't give him a direct opportunity at the gold, but a chance to make it a triple threat matching featuring Edge, Jeff Hardy and Jericho himself. All Jericho had to do was beat one of the men in the match, Jeff Hardy.

Joining commentary with JR and Todd Grisham was the World Heavyweight Champion himself, Edge. The ultimate opportunist was uncharacteristically cheering for the current No. 1 contender, Jeff Hardy.

Hardy and Jericho went on for a good 16 minutes before Rey Mysterio came down and had something to say about it. Mysterio provided a distraction for Hardy who went on to pin Jericho and keep his title match with Edge a one-on-one.

Jericho ones again went off about how he deserves respect and whatnot. Soon afterwards, the match became official.

Rey and Jericho have had bad blood since back in their WCW days. This could a beginning of an old rivalry.

Expect a hard physical game plan on Jericho's part as he will try to ground the high flier. Rey needs to watch out for that out of nowhere Codebreaker that could strike him when he least expects it.

Rey will try to keep his IC title high in the sky with him. He will utilise his quickness and agility which will be give him the upper hand. A 619 isn't to far from Chicago.

Overall, a good solid match is expect and a clean pin fall followed. Jericho will walk away with his own record breaking ninth IC title and will work his way back into the World title picture.