Madden 25: Best Slider Settings for Realistic Simulation Experience

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 1, 2013

image from Madden 25
image from Madden 25

If you're looking for the best simulation experience with Madden 25 and you're an average gamer like myself, I've got the perfect slider settings for you.

There are several factors that come into play when determining the gaming experience. A player's skill level, style of play and the team you choose all play a role.

Early on with Madden 25, I was having difficulty containing the pass rush. Many of the quarterbacks were putting up high completion-percentage numbers, and I couldn't mount a consistent pass rush. I wasn't looking to blow All-Pro left tackles off the line of scrimmage on every play, but things didn't quite feel right in this regard.

But at last, I believe I've found a solution to my issue. It's possible this alteration may actually work for other gamers. 

We're still early in the release of the game, so a title update is still a possibility. Until that happens, here's what I did.

By altering QB accuracy, pass blocking, pass coverage and defensive player's interception ratings, I have found a good balance in defense and offense. The beauty of the Madden Share feature is that I can share my sliders with others in the Madden community.

Here's a look at some gameplay with this slider set from Franchiseplay Sports and Video Gaming:

Since I made this change, quarterback completion percentage against me has dropped from about 70 percent to 59 percent. Part of it is due to my skill level rising, but it seems the slider change has also played a role.

Good quarterbacks seem to maintain their expected accuracy, but they aren't accurate to a tee. Offensive lineman seem to be smarter than they were in previous versions, but they aren't infallible. 

Lastly, defensive players don't drop as many interceptions. Every defensive player drops would-be picks at some point, but sometimes we look at balls clanging off the hands of defensive backs and linebackers in Madden and say: "man, you should have caught that."

These changes should be made for player and cpu skills.

I'm finding that I'm not screaming at my TV as much. Those interested in downloading them on Madden Share can do so by searching gamertag Franchiseplay on Xbox 360.

For PS3 users, or those without Xbox Live access, here are a few screenshots showing the alterations. 

Get your game on.


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