Buffalo Bills: Devon Thomas Could Be Next Andre Reed

Amir FaSaadContributor IApril 13, 2008

The Buffalo Bills will draft, Devon Thomas.

When you look at this team and how it’s addressed its short comings before the draft; it becomes even more clear.

Buffalo re-signed the unrestricted and restricted free agents that it deemed necessary. Then, the Bills immediately got free-agent linebacker, Kawika Mitchell, followed by DTs Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson. They also signed CB William James from Philly.

Now, look at what may be available in the draft at pick 11: O-linemen, DBs, Des, and WRs.

With the offensive line addressed last year and new contracts for DEs Schobel, Kelsay, and Denny, and the DBs coming back from injury…WR is both a want and a need.

Thomas had a great year both as a receiver and a returner. I liken him to Andre Reed. He doesn’t have much experience but what an upside.

I saw one TV game of Michigan State's and took in some highlights on youtube and he 'dusts' Sweed, Kelly, Hardy, Bowman, et al. But what I noticed most is he's the kind of receiver that can hit and take a hit.

The others suffer from what I call: PBurress-i-dis. They'll never play through a full year. Most of these "tall" WRs over the years never seem to last. Sweed, Kelly, and Bowman are suffering from lingering injuries as we speak.

Unless Dorsey, Ellis, or Gholston fall to the Bills; look for them to "reach" for Thomas.