Ranking the Best NBA Stars to Follow on Instagram

Michael Pina@@MichaelVPinaFeatured ColumnistAugust 31, 2013

Ranking the Best NBA Stars to Follow on Instagram

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    The NBA has always overflowed with colorful personalities. Unfortunately, most of what the public previously got to witness was confined to the court and maybe a few postgame or pregame quotes.

    Now, thanks to the wonderfully transparent world of Instagram, the league's most popular players (also notable: its most bizarre) are able to keep fans and followers updated with what they're doing far away from the game. 

    Obviously, the results have been fantastic. Here are eight accounts you should be following, ranked from "modestly entertaining" to "my life was once incomplete, and now it's whole."

    All photos used in this post are from the respective Instagram accounts of the player being profiled. 

8. Brandon Jennings

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    Username: _noexcuses

    For better or worse, Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings has developed a reputation as one of the league's great showmen; his Instagram account doesn't exactly hurt the standing.

    If you enjoy looking at radiant kicks that probably aren't even available in stores, Jennings' Instagram account is littered with them. There's other good stuff over there too, but to find out what you'll just have to give him a follow.

    Chances are you'll be jealous of everything about it in 15 seconds.


7. DeMarcus Cousins

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    Username: boogiecousins

    Much like every other form of entertainment, Instagram accounts need to be unpredictable in order to keep people, well, entertained.

    Sacramento Kings center DeMarcus Cousins is all things unpredictable on the court, and the characteristic bleeds into his Instagram account just enough to make him a valuable follow. So go do that before the league forces him to shut it down.

6. Nick Young

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    Username: swaggyp1

    When we talk about the universe's most "colorful" characters, Nick Young sits cross-legged, by himself atop the mountain. Known in some areas as a fashion icon, Young uses his account to flaunt his style along with some of the shiniest silk shirts the Internet has ever seen.

    Scrolling through Young's posts and not cracking a smile should be characterized as a skill few human beings are capable of pulling off.

5. Andre Drummond

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    Username: andredrummond0

    A burgeoning star on the court, Andre Drummond's Instagram game has already been at an All-NBA level for some time now. 

    Ever since the service began allowing its users to film short video clips along with still photos, Drummond's account has exploded with some of the most disgusting/borderline illegal dunks ever caught on tape.

    Follow him for that reason alone. 

4. LeBron James

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    Username: kingjames

    What's there to say? He's the most popular athlete in the world, meaning his Instagram account is filled with situations you or I will never ever (ever) find ourselves experiencing.

    One minute he's with Dr. Dre, the next he's with Diddy. Or Floyd Mayweather. Or his kids. Or the dentist. Or himself. Whatever. He's the best basketball player of his generation, which means he has to at least crack the top five of every list about anything.

3. Russell Westbrook

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    Username: russwest44

    Depending on how you define "style," nobody has more of it than Russell Westbrook. If it weren't for Instagram, all we'd get to see is what he wears to and from games. That'd be tragic. 

    Instead, Westbrook gets to show us every pair of sun-stained-brick-red capris in his closet. Not sure how we all existed before getting to see those. 

2. DeAndre Jordan

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    Username: deandrejordan6

    He might be the funniest man in the NBA, which translates to him probably having the funniest Instagram account.

    Jordan may not remember how he's supposed to rotate as the weak-side big man defending a pick-and-roll, but at least he knows how to scrunch his face into dozens of different positions and then post the results on his Instagram account. 

1. Kobe Bryant

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    Username: kobebryant

    Few players navigate social media’s choppy waters with more guile than Kobe Bryant, a man who absolutely has to be the best at everything he’s involved in.

    Nobody’s Instagram account has the potential to alter a news cycle like Bryant’s, who, since entering the platform, has shattered worlds by regularly updating the public on his Achilles tendon’s status, or firing passive-aggressive buckshots at Dwight Howard when the former Lakers center sided with Houston instead.

    His playing days are nearing an end, but the Kobe Bryant Era of Instagram dominance has only begun.